XPOWER AP-1500D DC Brushless Motor 700CFM 4-Stage Commercial HEPA Air Filtration System with IAQ PM2.5 Sensor

Quick Overview
  • Efficiently remediate large spaces such as schools, offices, banquet halls, gyms, and hotels
  • 4-Stage Filtration: Pre-filter, Pleated Media Filter, Carbon Filter, and HEPA Filter
  • 13 Ft. power cord included to provide the necessary jobsite coverage
The AP-1500D Brushless DC Motor Large Volume HEPA Air Filtration System with IAQ PM2.5 Sensor provides all the power needed for small/medium size jobs, while being able to precisely control the speed to its lowest level for all day ultra-quiet operation in settings like classrooms, business, and in occupied facilities where noise level is important. All of this is accomplished through our revolutionary DC Brushless Motor, where power meets precision. While drawing only 1.5 Amps, and rated at 700 CFM, the AP-1500D HEPA has the air change capabilities and ultimate versatility with its precise variable speed control. 4-Stage filtration with Washable Nylon Mesh filter, Pleated Media Filter, Carbon Filter, and HEPA Filter that captures particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% Efficiency. Advance Carbon filtration for odor control, remediation, and capable of capturing VOCs.A new feature built-in the AP-1500D is our digital PM2.5 indoor air quality sensor. Color coded in green/orange/red with a digital readout to monitor your indoor air quality.Moving the AP-1500D is made easy with built-in handle and wheels. Includes a 13ft power cord and cord management is made easy with a built-in cord compartment. Mobile and versatile, the aluminum kick plate makes it effortless to tilt for easy mobility. The AP-1500D HEPA has all the attributes of your traditional large volume air scrubber, but in a smaller footprint and the technology advancements and ultra-quiet features to be used as an all-day HEPA filtered air filtration system.
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