Duke Manufacturing is a food service equipment pioneer that's been producing profitable and innovative solutions for the food industry for over 95 years. Duke strives to deliver proven, profitable foodservice solutions through experience in design and manufacturing new products for all customer types. As a proud ENERGY STAR partner, Duke offers multiple ENERGY STAR qualified model solutions for your needs. Find products for every function at your foodservice, from hot food tables to work tables, Duke has it all!


Central Exclusive Work Tables

Central Exclusive

Designed with quality and value in mind, Central Exclusive worktables are perfect for any commercial kitchen. With 16- and 18-gauge tables to choose from, you’re sure to find the right table for your food prep space. Many tables feature adjustable undershelves and backsplashes to match the needs of your workspace.


Kratos Work Tables


Every commercial kitchen needs a reliable worktable for everything from food prep tasks, storing ingredients, or using equipment. Kratos stainless steel worktables provide reliability and value for any busy kitchen. Choose between tables with adjustable undershelves or backsplashes.


John Boos Work Tables

John Boos

They are a provider of both residential and commercial products, combining the art of stainless steel fabrication and woodworking to create a blend of quality gourmet kitchen products like carts, work tables, and islands built of the finest quality, workmanship and design. Notable products include their famous Boos Blocks® Butcher Blocks, cutting boards, and kitchen counter tops.


Value Series

Value Series worktables offer value and durability along with features like undershelves and backsplashes. Available in 14-, 16-, and 18-gauge stainless steel, Value Series tables are versatile for your food prep space. Make the most of your workspace with Value Series stainless steel worktables.



Advance Tabco Work Tables

Advance Tabco

Since 1929, Advance Tabco has been serving the foodservice industry as a market leader in stainless steel fabrication. With a product offering of over 9,000 products and six manufacturing facilities with four distribution warehouses strategically placed all around the country, you are guaranteed great and quick service! This fourth generation family-run business can handle all of your foodservice's needs from sinks and dish tables to work tables and ice bins.


Types & Gauges

Gauges are used to specify what the thickness of the metal is. For example:

Gauge Number Stainless Steel (Inches) Galvanized Steel (Inches)
18 .050 .0516
16 .0625 .0635
14 .07812 .0785

18 Gauge

18 Gauge also known as the budget friendly worktable, is less expensive and lighter than other types. They are, however, more susceptible to dents and dings. These tables are perfect for sandwich and salad prep.

16 Gauge

16 Gauge have more quality but remain affordable. The 16 gauge is more durable than the 18 gauge.

14 Gauge

14 Gauge have the highest durability. They are perfect for use with cleavers and meat tenderizers, as they do not dent easily.

Type 304

Type 304 stainless steel is the most common type used for commercial work tables. It is highly resistance to corrosion and rust. This type contains low carbon and high levels of chromium and nickel, meaning it is durable and can withstand the high demands of daily use in any commercial environment.




Additional Table Options


It’s important to have a backsplash on your work table, if it will be positioned up against a wall. This will ensure that the wall is protected from drips and splashes, so that cleanup is easy.



Edge Type

Square/Flat Edge

Square/flat edge have squared-off edges on all four sides of the table. This makes it easier to place multiple tables next to each other.

Rounded/Bullnose Edge

Rounded/ Bullnose Edge have a rounded front and rear edge, with square side edges. This allows easier cleaning on the table.

Countertop/Marine Edge

Countertop/Marine Edge have a drip containing ridge around the perimeter of the work table.


Table Top Types

Poly Top Work Tables

Poly Top Work Tables are the best option for butcher shops, bakeries, meat counters, food processing plants, and delis. The top surface of the work table can double as a cutting board, making this a more versatile option.

Wood Top Work Tables

Wood Top Work Tables are the best option for bakeries. Usually these are paired with 4” risers, to keep the ingredients, like flour on the table.



Cutting Boards

Cutting boards adding one to your table, can make it an even more efficient space. Keep your work table top scratch free, but add the cutting board for additional space.

Table Mounted Shelves

Table mounted shelves Add even more versatility to your table, with either a singe or double deck configuration. These can be welded to the table and are fully adjustable.


Undershelves an easy storage for your kitchen. Keep everything you might need for your food prep, right around the work table


Casters make your table easy to move for cleaning! Caster offer the advantage of making any table mobile. Keep in mind, this will raise the height of your work table.


Drawers can be added to conveniently store frequently used knives, labels, gloves, or even cutting boards.

Hand Sink

Welded-In hand sink can be an optional add, making your workspace that much more convenient.