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VCRG36M plat11
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The Vulcan VCRG36M Restaurant Series Gas Griddle is high-end and reliable equipment designed for use in industrial kitchens and restaurants. The front, sides, and front top ledge of this kitchen equipment is made with stainless steel material. Its sturdy steel body boasts resistance against corrosion, abrasion, fire, heat, as well as impact; thus, making the gas griddle extremely enduring and safe equipment to be used in a commercial kitchen. In addition to the strength, stainless steel also makes the equipment look industrial and aesthetically pleasing. Its smooth silver finish is easy wipe clean and maintain for sanitation purposes. Fully welded stainless steel and aluminized steel body frame adds extra durability to the gas griddle while also protecting the wall of the kitchen from getting stained.

The Vulcan Gas Griddle stands and balances itself on four legs. Each leg allows adjustability to ensure the griddle is standing evenly across an uneven surface as well. It integrates 1-inch thick griddle plate welded to the stainless steel back and tapered side splashes. The griddle plate is polished steel for strength and attractive finish that complements the rest of the equipment. The thicker build also makes this unit an excellent choice for high volume kitchens, because the thick design provides improved heat retention and quick recovery during peak hours.

There is also one 25,000 BTU/hour steel burner for every 12-inch of griddle width. This unit offers 75,000 BTU in total. Since, the griddle required fewer BTUs compared to other models in the market, it operates at a lower cost and proves to be a profitable long-term investment. Despite consuming less energy, the gas griddle does not sacrifice productivity. It also features standard construction for natural gas service and is supplied with an LP conversion kit.

The burners are manufactured using aluminized steel and designed in U shape. Each burner features its own dedicated valve to offer infinite heat control to the kitchen staff. The Vulcan VCRG36M Restaurant Series Gas Griddle is CSA design certified and NSF listed.

Additional Features include:
  • The Vulcan VCRG36M Restaurant Series Gas Griddle is designed to cook a variety of delectable dishes in any small or large quantity
  • It is meant for medium to heavy duty use in a high-volume kitchen
  • The gas griddle has low working height of just 12 1/2 inches, making it ideal to place the griddle on refrigerated bases or countertops
  • It is constructed with 1-inch thick polished steel griddle plate whose thick design offers better heat retention and faster recovery, useful during busy breakfast shifts
  • The plate is welded to 3 1/4 inches stainless steel back, tapered side splashes, and grease trough
  • Stainless steel construction offers ease of cleaning the unit with a damp cloth to maintain sanitization
  • The steel build also exhibits high strength and endurance against corrosion, abrasion, heat, and impact to ensure lasting performance
  • The unit is completely welded with stainless and aluminized steel on its chassis frame for improved durability
  • This gas griddle is elevated on four 4-inch legs which allow adjustability to ensure perfect balance even on an uneven surface
  • It has a U shaped aluminized steel burner for each 12-inch of griddle width and one dedicated infinite heat control valve for each burner
  • This Vulcan gas griddle uses 75,000 BTU/hr. in total resulting in lower operating cost and without compromising on production
  • It integrates standing pilot ignition system for better operation
  • The unit also integrates grease can with high 4 1/2 quarts capacity
  • It is supplied with -inch rear gas connection and convertible gas pressure regulator for LP service
  • An LP conversion kit is also provided with the gas griddle
  • It is offered with one-year limited parts and labor warranty
  • This gas griddle by Vulcan is NSF listed, CSA design certified, and approved to be used in industrial kitchens and restaurants
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VPNVCRG36M plat11
TypeGas Griddle
Construction MaterialSteel cooking surface
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