Get 5% Back on All Vulcan Equipment Purchases for K12 Customers Only


—Buy any piece of Vulcan equipment from Central Restaurant Products from August 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

—Register your purchase by entering your school name and district and uploading a copy of your invoice (must be within 60 days after purchase) in the form found here.

—After clicking submit you will receive a confirmation email verifying your details, and a check payable to your school’s School Nutrition Program will arrive within four weeks.

Chat, email, or call 800-521-1277 to have a product consultant assist you with your order.

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Combi Ovens

Spend more time cooking and less time messing with settings thanks to combi ovens! Fully insulated design ensures that heat is retained and that the unit is energy efficient.

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Braising Pans

Vulcan’s versatile and dependable braising pans are seamlessly designed with convenience in mind. By combining the functionality of multiple pieces of equipment into one, braising pans enable you to braise, sauté, simmer, fry, and steam. Do a delicious number on your daily school lunch menu!

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When looking for a steamer that is durable, efficient and easy to maintain, look no further than Vulcan. Whether you are looking for something low maintenance for moderate use or needing a heavy hitter – we’ve got your back. Enjoy all the advantages of steam cooking – with an easy to maintain unit.

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Convection Ovens

Packed with innovative features and designed to meet the needs of busy school kitchens, Vulcan convection ovens are unlike no other. Simple, intuitive controls, gentle air circulation coupled with even heat distribution ensures that everything you bake – from breakfast sandwiches to pizza at lunch – is cooked perfectly every time. Rest assured; these ovens have what it takes to meet the demands of your hungry students.

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Are you cooking pasta or soups? Seeking speed with your scratch cooking? Look no further than a kettle. Unique design features make Vulcan steam kettles easy to use and maintain, saving time and labor costs. Robust, reliable and cost-efficient, these kettles—available in sizes from 6 gallons to 150 gallons—are a smart addition to your school’s kitchen.

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Cooking & Holding

Vulcan heated cabinets hold up like no other. No matter if your school is operating on an adjusted capacity schedule or serving meals in the classroom – these cabinets are a great addition to kitchens looking to hold the warmth and integrity of their foods.

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