Univex Corporation has grown since its opening in 1948 to become one of the industry's leading manufacturers and distributors of foodservice equipment and supplies. With everything from mixers and slicers to ovens and prep equipment, rely on Univex to equip your commercial kitchen. Their rugged engineering and competitive prices have given Univex a place as an industry-standard in foodservice equipment. Univex products and accessories are created by skilled designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts to provide you with the highest quality.

Easily whip, mix, and incorporate ingredients with Univex mixers. Commercial mixers will add efficiency to your dough and ingredient mixing with their high-powered transmissions and durability. Univex boasts low cost of ownership and performance in the most demanding kitchens.

Get the most out of your Univex commercial mixers with high quality mixer accessories. Utilize your mixer in ways you never imagined, like as a meat grinder or vegetable slicer with a variety of agitators and attachments. Shop accessories for your Univex planetary or spiral mixers.

Make quick work of your most time consuming food prep tasks with Univex food processors. These processors are designed for high-volume production and are sturdy in your commercial kitchen. Easily process bread crumbs, vegetables, fruits, and more with a Univex food processor.


Create straight cuts or slices of meat and produce with Univex's line of slicers, food choppers, and cutters. Maximize efficiency in food preparation with Univex food prep equipment. Quickly prepare a variety of foods in large volumes while maintaining uniformity and quality.

Cut raw dough into equal portions for even baking with Univex dough equipment. Dough dividers and tools are ideal for large bakery operations that bake in high volumes. Ensure your baked goods are uniform and attractive by using the right tools to process dough.

Univex ovens are designed according to the highest standards for materials, technology, and manufacturing quality. Multi-purpose, pizza, and convection ovens are all reliable and efficient for your commercial kitchen. Maximize your results and investment with a Univex oven.


Shop all Univex equipment and tools for your commercial kitchen. Invest in your food with high-quality Univex equipment.