Libbey Glassware and Master's Reserve ClearFire Glass

Libbey Glassware is an industry giant, defining and redefining glassware styles and standards to enhance any setting. From upscale to historic, farm to table to casual, Libbey boasts dozens of lines of glassware to establish ambiance and provide, not just a drinking instrument, but a dinnertime conversation piece.

Libbey ranks as the top glassware manufacturer in the country, with products that set new standards for stability, strength and growth. Their roots dig back to 1818 when the company was originally founded at the New England Glass Company in East Cambridge, MA. In 1874, Edward Libbey joined work with his father, William, the first corporate owner. Edward inherited the company in 1880, and moved it to Toledo, OH in 1888. The company changed its name officially to the Libbey Glass Company in 1892.

Since then, Libbey has helped write a bit of history. They became the first manufacturer to automatically produce electric light bulbs in the glass industry, the first to develop machine blown glass, the first to create the one-piece press and blow stemware; they developed the largest machine-made stemware in the world, created the marbelique glassware process, revealed the first computer controlled blowing machine for stemware, and so much more.

Throughout the years, Libbey Glassware has continued to design, produce and market top of the line glassware for foodservice, retail and B2B markets. Featuring high end stemware, glass barware, glass displays, carafes, decanters and more.

Sip in style. Libbey’s lines, inspired by the world around us, offer variety and crystal clarity. And they’re constantly coming out with new lines and styles, continuing to up the ante on drinkware expectations. See for yourself.