Custom and standard boxes available. Call or live chat with a product consultant for information on a custom box! High quality boxes for great prices. 


Why Buy Imperial Brown?

Remarkable design and customized engineering create the exact system your foodservice environmental demands

Durable, high-density structural framing and manufacturing to endure harsh working conditions

Designed and manufactured by experienced engineers and technicians who own the company

Backed by over 100 years of uncompromised  commitment to product quality and customer support


Outstanding Energy Efficiency

  • Features environmentally friendly polyurethane foamed in place construction providing the highest insulating values in the industry
  • Ues smart design engineering trhoughout the system to produce exceptionally high energy-efficiency
  • Tested and validated by Food Service Technology Center to qualify for utility company energy-efficiency rebate programs
  • Meets or exceeds all federal and state mandated energy-efficiency requirements including Federal EISA and California Title 20 and 24

Superior System Life: 

  • Features durable high-density structural framing for each made-to-measure panel to ensure exact alignment
  • High density polyurethane framing adds structural integrity and strength to the enitre walk-in


Custom Design

  • Built to your exact specification to maximize effective use of space
  • Optimizes shelving space and layout


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