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Hoshizaki is known the world over for producing reliable commercial ice machines and refrigeration with relentless durability and sustainability. With state-of-the-art technology, every Hoshizaki unit is run-tested at each factory, undergoing rigorous quality performance tests before going out in the field. 

Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizaki is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial ice equipment. Their signature crescent-shaped cube ice is made with the KMEdge evaporator. This dual-sided stainless steel evaporator freezes the cleanest water, rinsing out most of the minerals and impurities; resulting in individual, crystal clear cubes. The evaporator design makes the same amount of ice in half as many cycles as a standard ice cuber head. 

Steelheart Series Refrigeration

Just like their ice machines, Hoshizaki’s Steelheart Series of commercial refrigerators and freezers is designed to survive conditions that would send lesser equipment to the scrap yard. These units maintain NSF safe temperatures in 100 degree environments. With all-stainless steel construction inside and out, the Steelheart line is durable and easy to clean.  


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