Excel Dryer Inc.

Excel Dryer is known for their incredible XLERATOR® series of hand dryers  some of the most popular commercial hand dryers in the world. XLERATOR dryers are characterized by their astonishing speed that dries hands in eight (8) seconds while using 80% less energy than conventional dryers, and for their configurations and options. Excel Dryer makes it easy for businesses to put their own logo front and center for premium brand placement.  

Excel Dryer also produces a range of additional styles of hand dryers, including their ADA-compliant ThinAir dryers, and traditional push-button and hands-free electric dryers. 

They also offer an assortment of accessories to help convert restrooms from paper towels to cost-saving and environmentally friendly hand drying solutions, including retrofit kits, wall guards, replacement filters, noise reduction nozzles, and more.