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International Tableware, Inc. (ITI) is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of tabletop dinnerware solutions, featuring on-trend patterns covering the spectrum of establishment types.

FREE shipping and FREE samples available so you can try the pattern out in your establishment before committing to a bulk purchase.

Available exclusively at Central, a remarkable FIVE YEAR limited no chip warranty on all pieces in the following patterns.

All ITI porcelain dinner and ovenware are fully vitrified, oven friendly, and dishwasher and microwave safe (with the exception of the Florentine™ gold rim pattern.) These versatile patterns allow you to mix and match to create your perfect look. Fashion meets value at fantastic prices.

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The timeless design of Amsterdam™ is a great option for that traditional dining setting. With bright white body color and soft “swirl” embossment, Amsterdam™ will prove to be an elegant choice to dress up any tabletop.

The art-deco design of the Aspekt™ dinnerware collection takes a modern “twist” to the standard square and rectangle dinnerware offering. The origami-like design allows your culinary creations to stand out against the beautifully bright white color!

Athena™ offers a neutral and versatile design that fits well into any environment from hospitality to fine dining or catering. The subtle wide rim embossed, lined edge design represents a classic timeless style.

Beautifully bold, Bristol™ dinnerware delivers the ultimate combination of fashion, function and affordability. This bright white, thin bodied, traditionally shape dinnerware is the perfect option for any setting, from casual to upscale dining! Be sure to check out Bristol’s wide range of serving bowls.


For a unique mix of color and nostalgia look to our Campfire™ collection. The rustic flair of Campfire™ is the ultimate choice for B-B-Q, tex-mex or other casual style dining establishments.

Cancun™ gives a festive flare to your culinary presentations. Mix and match this colorful, bold line to add to your celebration! Available in seven color choices: Black, Cobalt Blue, Crimson Red, Green, Light Blue, Orange, and Yellow.

The sturdy Catania pattern is an everlasting industry design. The blue banding of Catania™ makes a striking statement on top of the warm body color of American White.

These flat profile, round and square plates offer a sleek artisan look allowing the food to be the centerpiece of the dining experience. Mix and match countless bright white accessories and cups.


A long-standing industry favorite, the brown and blue speckle and bands of Danube™ will provide that enduring casual feel to your tabletop.

Dress up your tabletop setting with the bright-white porcelain Dresden™ Collection. The beautiful “basket-weave” embossment adds a touch of sophistication to this fine dining collection. Available in both wide-rim and narrow rim options, Dresden™ has the perfect piece for a great dining experience!

Elite™ dinnerware is the perfect combination of form and function! The beautiful bright white body of Elite™ together with the square and rectangle shapes that are required by today’s busy restaurants provides the ultimate serving pieces for any dining setting. Be sure to check out our assortment of bright white accessory pieces for matching tasting and serving pieces.

From the country club to the catering kitchen Florentine™ offers beauty and elegance. The richness of gold banding on an American White body is steeped with a classic feel and is reminiscent of fine dining.


A long-standing industry favorite, the brown and blue speckle and bands of Granada™ will provide that enduring casual feel to your tabletop.

The sharp square shape of our bone china Helios™ pattern adds a geometric design element for unique plating presentations.

With a bright mix of color and style, the Hilo™ bowls and mugs are perfect for a warm and comforting serving of your favorite food or beverage!

The soft square shape of our bone china Iris™ pattern presents a modern design with large plating surface.


Inspired by and created to meet the latest trends in tabletop presentation. The organic flair, handcrafted design and non-geometric shapes of Luna is sure to provide your patrons with a signature look and feel which they will find stunning. Constructed from durable porcelain material with a hand-painted glaze, Luna is offered in three beautiful shades. Luna can easily be mixed into existing white patterns to complement and accentuate your most creative and special dishes.

Newport’s American White body carries a graceful and subtle embossed rim design resembling wheat stalks. The flowing and harmonious decoration of Newport™ will perfectly frame your presentation in any setting.

When higher temperatures and longer periods of baking are required look to our Bakeware line which can withstand heat of 450°. We offer an extensive variety of colors, sizes and shapes to meet your needs.

The Asian-inspired design of the Pacific™ dinnerware collection is a unique take on upscale dining. It’s distinctive square shape and soft embossment delivers a touch of the Orient to your tabletop dining presentation.


Experience elegance with the bright white Paragon™ dinnerware. The clean lines of these coupe profile square, rectangle and diamond shaped plates are the perfect choice for a contemporary plating presentation. Paragon™ can be paired with ITI’s vast selection of bright white Tastings Samplers accessories for an almost unlimited choice of serving options!

The essential elegance of Phoenix™ is sure to impact your operation. Exceptional durability and the strength of Bone China in a bright and elegant shape. If you want traditional elegance that will provide outstanding durability, then Phoenix™ is the pattern for you.

Elegantly simplistic, Quad™ offers a soft square shape ideal for countless presentation combinations. This European white line is extremely versatile and a great choice for both casual and formal dining experiences. Be sure to check out our new shareable dining serving pieces!

The unique European design of Rhapsody™ dinnerware allows your signature dishes to be truly on display with style! The non-traditional shape is the perfect option for a signature dish or combined with the broad offering of accessory pieces to deliver a distinct tabletop presentation.


Put a new spin on your tabletop with ITI’s new Rotana™ dinnerware line. This artisan design offers an organic feel to ensure that your food looks as good as it tastes, to truly move your customers.

A unique design inspired by organic textures and colors. This innovative pattern, Savannah™, offers a trendy rustic look to give your table an appealing, natural touch.

This bright white and reduced-profile square collection serves as a perfect canvas for any culinary creation. Pair Slope™ with additional square and rectangle plates and platters from the popular Elite™ line for nearly unlimited number of presentation options!


Experience the evolution of organic dining with the Stonehaven™ dinnerware collection from the tabletop experts at ITI. Delivering a blend of architectural design, organic texture and coloring, Stonehaven™ will serve as the centerpiece of a truly inspired dining presentation. The collection offers uniquely shaped platters and bowls that can coordinate together or as an accent piece to complement any dining service need.

The cool and sleek coupe design of the Torino™ dinnerware collection is a sophisticated upgrade to the traditional round dinner plate. Torino™ is a superb choice for Italian or upscale family style dining. Be sure to check out the new stacking plate options for shareable dining service needs.

The unique shape, gentle sloping front edge and brilliant bright white body will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any table setting. Vale™ blends the perfect combination of fashion and affordability that customers have come to expect from International Tableware.

This sturdy pattern are an everlasting industry design. The green banding of Verona™ makes a striking statement on top of the warm body color of American White.

Victoria™ provides an undecorated scalloped edge. Embossing characteristics can be seen on the cups and bouillon to accentuate the smooth lines of Victoria ™.

For a feeling of continuity, look no further than York™. Three repetitive sweeping embossed lines and rolled edge design adds to the durability and longevity of this traditional pattern.