Turbo Air PRO-26F Premiere Series Freezer - 1 Full Size Door, 26 Cu. Ft.

$8,227.08 /Each
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Product details

Product details

Store food and drinks at an optimum temperature with the Turbo Air PRO-26F-N Premiere Series Freezer. An ideal addition for every school and commercial kitchen, this freezer boasts single full-size door and has a capacity of 26 cubic foot. Its stainless steel exterior and interior ensure easy cleanliness and long-lasting performance. For minimizing the risk of injuries, edges and corners of the freezer are rounded that also makes its maintenance easier than other models. There are three shelves inside for holding food and drinks in heavy volume so that they stay fresh and ready to serve at any point in time. These shelves are PVC coated that keep them safe from rust, corrosion, and peeling. These shelves can accommodate full-size sheet pans measuring 18"x26".

Turbo Air's Freezer features a self-closing door with lock and alarm system beeps after 30 seconds to alert the user in case it is left open. Pressure relief doors help remove vacuum pressure and quick door opening. Its early warning alarm system detects in case there is any probability of malfunction. For maximum interior capacity, refrigeration system of the unit is top-mounted. The cold air distribution system of this freezer maintains uniform temperature, i.e., between 0°F to -10°F throughout the cabinet. On the other hand, hot gas condensate system of the unit resists corrosion and works efficiently without any refrigerate leakage that stops overflow of condensate water. For brighter and better visibility, the freezer has long-lasting LED lights that help save energy as well. Evaporator fan of the unit stops whenever the door is opened so that hot and moist air is not circulated inside it.

Main Features Include:
  • Turbo Air model PRO-26F-N Premiere Series Freezer has a single full-size door with capacity of 26 cubic foot
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior for easy cleanliness and long-lasting performance
  • Edges and corners are rounded for minimizing the risk of injuries
  • (3) Shelves with PVC coating for safety from rust, corrosion, and peeling
  • Capacity: Full size sheet pans measuring 18"x26"
  • Self-closing door with lock and alarm system that beeps after 30 seconds to alert the user in case it is left open
  • Pressure relief doors to remove vacuum pressure and quick door opening
  • Early warning alarm system detects in case of probable malfunction
  • Top-mounted refrigeration system for maximum interior capacity
  • Cold air distribution system for uniformity in temperature between 0°F to -10°F
  • Hot gas condensate system to resist corrosion and prevent refrigerate leakage to stop overflow of condensate water
  • LED lights for better visibility
  • Evaporator fan of the unit stops whenever the door is opened
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More Information
Dutch Half DoorsNo
Nominal Capacity20 to 29 Cubic Ft.
Interior ConstructionStainless Steel
Compressor LocationTop Mount
Number of Doors1
Door TypeSolid Swing
SeriesPRO Series
BrandTurbo Air
Base HeightLow Height
Hinge LocationRight
Adjustable HeightNo
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