Robot Coupe R2NS 3 Qt. Commercial Food Processor with Additional Bowl and Accessories, Gray - Promo

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The Robot Coupe R2NS Commercial Food Processor and Accessories Kit is a complete package for use in restaurants, bars, cafes and other food service establishments. It is a powerful, commercial-grade food processor that is designed to last. With this unit in your kitchen, there will be no wasting time and efforts on prepping ingredients manually. It will save time and increase production by doing preparations in a fraction of time as compared to when the same task is undertaken manually. It proves beneficial particularly during peak hours. Using this processor also prevents safety risks, such as injuries and bruises that can happen at any time while your kitchen staff is exposed to sharp knives and cutters. Since this food processor comes with all important accessories, including continuous feed head and a batch bowl, it becomes capable of adapting to any task.

The batch bowl that comes included in the unit offers a capacity of 3 Qt. Made of sturdy plastic, this bowl comes in handy whether there is a need for mixing up small portions of a single ingredient or multiple ingredients all at once. A transparent lid on the top allows easy at-a-glance monitoring of the contents to ensure the ingredients are mixed well. The smooth "S" blade comes with the bowl assembly. Its sharp finish with the curve emulsifies, mixes, and chops ingredients into a coarse texture. The additional accessory of continuous feed head is useful when the kitchen needs an ingredient in large quantity. A large, kidney-shaped chute allows single loading of a heavy item or multiple loading of many small ingredients. Alternatively, the round feed chute is the ideal choice to process long and delicate ingredients. Both the chutes come with an integrated pusher to keep hands away from cutting area and safe from getting injured.

In addition to the above mentioned accessories, the unit comes with a grating and a slicing disc included. The slicing disc works fantastic on food items such as cucumbers and carrots. The disc particularly comes in handy for preparing garnishes. It can also be used to make ice cream toppings and more. On the other hand, the grating disc is the perfect option to get a medium-sized final result that can be used as topping or an ingredient used in a recipe. It is also effective in grating all kinds of cheese. Each disc is made with sturdy stainless steel.

The Robot Coupe R2NS Commercial Food Processor is easy to operate with the help of its 3-button control panel. Simple switches with "on" and "off" labels and color indications make identification obvious, eliminating chances of guesswork. The last switch labelled as "pulse" gives more control to the user for better cut precision. Built-in stainless steel motor shaft ensures durability and reliability of use.

Additional features include:
  • Additional bowl included!
  • The Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor and Accessory Kit is complete package which includes slicing disc, grating disc, cutter attachment, and vegetable attachment
  • Cutter attachment includes a lid and a smooth blade made with high-resistant stainless steel assembled with a removable cap
  • Vegetable attachment includes a chute, continuous feed head, and a discharge plate supplied with the two discs
  • Both the discs are made with durable stainless steel
  • The chute and feed head are removable and dishwasher safe
  • There is a large 12" square hopper and a cylindrical hopper in the vegetable attachment
  • A vertical pusher offers safety against hand injuries and uniform cuts
  • The motor shaft is also constructed with stainless steel for high strength and resistance against abrasion
  • The motor offers a powerful speed up to 1725 rpm
  • On and off switch with clear color and text indications makes operating the processor easy
  • An additional pulse button gives control to the user to ensure precise cutting results
  • 1 HP
  • Dimensions: 8-3/4"Wx15-13/16"Dx19-3/16"H
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
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Capacity3.1 Quarts
TypeContinuous/Bowl Combo
Construction MaterialPlastic
BrandRobot Coupe
Number of Blades3
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