Buying Restaurant and Bar Furniture 

There are a few things to consider when buying furniture for your restaurant or bar.

  • The first thing to consider is the style of your business. Do you serve mainly families? Are your customers staying for a while, or do they eat quickly and leave? Is your environment fast-casual, formal, or café?
  • Another thing to consider is the current layout of your dining area. Do you have room for all standard height tables and chairs, or do you need to make the most of your space with a mixture of heights?
  • Finally, consider the environment that you’re trying to create. If you’re looking to add more comfort and time spent in your restaurant, consider a traditional table and chair set. Bar height tables and chairs are perfect for fast casual and bar settings.

Typical Restaurant Furniture Styling



Good For 

Dining Chair 

Small Round or Square 

Intimate Spaces, Café Setting 

Bar Height Chair 

Bar Height Table 

Bar/Pub setting, Mixed Seating in Casual Restaurants 

Bar Stool 

Bar Height Table 

Bar/Pub setting, Fast Casual Restaurant 

Dining Chair with Arms 

Square or Rectangle Table 

Formal and Family-Style Restaurants 

Outdoor Chairs 

Outdoor Table 

Bistro or Café Setting, Family-style Restaurants, European Style Restaurants 

Restaurant Tables

Table Bases 

Table bases are typically available in standard dining or bar heights, depending on the desired seating height. Bases also come in several styles that can match your restaurant décor. Table bases can add to your atmosphere and provide a sturdy place for your customers to eat.  

Tip: Before buying a table base, be sure to do your research on the size of table tops that a base can hold. This will prevent you from buying the wrong size or style of top that you can’t use. 

The most popular types of table bases are listed below.

x table baseCross/X-Base

round table baseRound

 square table baseSquare

 T base table


 Bolt down table baseBolt-Down  butterfly table baseButterfly
 y table baseY-Base  rectangular baseRectangular

Table Tops

The right table top will last in your restaurant for years to come. There are several types, styles, and finishes of table tops. If you’re looking for a more custom configuration in your restaurant, buying separate table tops and bases is the way to go. Below are some common tabletop construction materials and their benefits in commercial use.

Wood Plank   wood plank table top


Durable, easy to clean, attractive 


Low heat-resistance

Butcher Block   butcherblock top


Durable, easy to clean, attractive 


Low heat-resistance

Wood Veneer   wood veneer top


Low maintenance, sturdy, easy to clean 


Less durable than solid wood

Laminate   laminate table top


Water resistant, color choices, low maintenance 


Less suitable for fine dining decor

Granite/Quartz   quartz table top


Virtually unbreakable, attractive, sturdy 


Usually higher-end price

Resin   resin table top


Can be used outdoors, low maintenance, durable 


More difficult to join smaller tables for large parties of guests

Outdoor Tables 

Outdoor tables are made of sturdy material that can withstand outdoor commercial use. These tables often come in three heights; low, standard, and bar. While outdoor tables are designed to hold up to the elements, be sure to take proper preventative measures to prevent rust on metal tables. You can read more about taking care of aluminum and wrought iron tables in our Resource Center. 

The following are some of the most common construction materials for outdoor tables.

Frame Construction   
Resin  resin table 
Aluminum   aluminum table base
Steel   steel table
Synthetic Wood   synthetic wood table


Outdoor tables can be used to set up several dining and lounge spaces. The style of your table will help convey the atmosphere that you want to achieve. Consider a bistro style for a European-inspired set-up or a low coffee style for casual/lounge outdoor seating.





 bistro table



 dining table



 outdoor coffee table



 outdoor side table



 center table



 bar table


Restaurant Chairs 

Restaurant Dining Chairs are what will keep your customers comfortable and happy while they eat. Dining chairs come in a variety of styles and colors and are typically offered in dining and bar heights. The most common frame styles are listed below.


Wood  wood chair 


Sturdy, comfortable, attractive, low maintenance 

Metal   metal chair


Perfect for outdoors, more variety in styles, durable 

Seat Type 

You can’t go wrong when choosing a seat type. It all depends on what you and your customers want. Consider wood or leather seats if you’re looking to furnish an upscale dining room, or try plastic for outdoor seating.

Wood   wood chair
Vinyl   vinyl chair
Plastic   plastic chair
Fabric   fabric chair
Leather/Faux Leather   leather chair

Restaurant Booths 

Another great option for seating in your restaurant is a booth. Booths are comfortable and sturdy and can complement a diner-style décor. A restaurant booth can be constructed in a variety of materials and upholsteries which gives you several options for décor in your business.

Want More Information? 

Have any questions or want to learn more about buying restaurant dining chairs? Check out the Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide on our site.