For over 150 years, Garland Ranges has remained one of the top brands of commercial ranges. The company began in 1864 in a small Foundry in Detriot, Michigan which later grew into the Michigan Stove company in 1873 where over 200 varieties of stoves were crafted under the name Garland. Now part of the Manitowoc Foodservice brand since 2008, Garland Ranges produces a variety of products from ranges and induction to griddles, fryers, and ovens, all made with the utmost quality that customers have come to love!


In 1935, the company's founder P.F. Ratcliff built the very first Frymaster fryer with focus on the open frypot and the master jet burner. Frymaster has remained the industry leader in product innovation, efficiency, reliabilities and durability since this first fryer, always keeping quality and the customer's needs at the center of their operations. Frymaster has since expanded into pasta cookers, holding stations, food warmers, and more - all items maintaining Frymaster's well respected reputation for high quality equipment.


Cleveland Range has a long history of serving the foodservice industry with top-quality and innovative products. Cleveland Range is a leading manufacturer and designer of steam cooking equipment with products ranging from steamers, combination steamer-ovens, kettles, braising pans, and more! Cleveland Range offers equipment unmatched by the rest of the foodservice industry.