Find a lower price.

If you see a qualified product listed for a lower price than what we advertise - we’ll match it. As long as the total price (including freight, handling, and additional fees/services) is lower than Central’s listed price, we’ll match it.

Send us proof.

First, call 855-515-4434 and let one of our consultants know you'd like to price match. Then, just email or text them any proof (screenshot, email quote, PDF quote, in-cart screenshot) that shows a qualified product for a lower price.

Central will match!

Once we review your submission, the consultant will match the lower price and help you complete your order.




For more than 30 years, we've provided the best service in the industry. When you shop with us, you get an experienced product consultant who ensures you're getting the right product for your needs. Your shopping experience is personalized to match your needs — and we're here every step of the way when you need help.







If you find an advertised lower price on a product from any of the above listed qualified vendors, send it to us! The price must also include sales tax, freight, handling, and additional fees/services to qualify. Proof (screenshot, in-cart screenshot, email quote, PDF quote) must be submitted via text or email and cannot be from a phone call about the price in question. This matching program does not include refurbished or used products.

We’ll match any competitor’s price!

All products from any of the above listed qualified vendors! Note: the product must be the exact same model and specs in order to qualify for price matching.

Delivery charges may vary due to shipping to and from locations and fluctuating shipping prices. We guarantee your total price (including shipping & delivery) will match the competition.

Once you can provide us with proof of a lower price, we can match it on the item! Contact a Central product consultant to submit a price match request, and they can help complete your transaction at the price match rate.