Payment Options


As much as we may try, we can’t always control what happens day to day. If your commercial equipment goes out unexpectedly, the urgency to replace can directly hurt your bottom line. If you’re in the process of opening your first location and drowning in start-up costs, or operating within someone else’s tight budget constraints, making high-involvement purchase decisions can cause unwanted stress and anxiety. Central is here to help by offering a variety of flexible payment options so you can spend more time focused on serving your valued patrons, and less on worrying what tomorrow might bring. 

Free No Obligation Net 30 Terms


Net terms are ideal for established businesses, allowing customers up to 30 days after the invoice is issued to pay in full. The product will invoice the day it ships, not the day you place the order. To apply, fill out the credit application. Central will run a check on the business’s credit, not your personal credit. Many distributors charge for net 30 terms, but it’s free with Central upon credit approval. 

12 Month Terms


Make 12 equal payments over the course of a year. An additional 5% will be charged to our sell price, but no interest will be charged over the payment course. This is a great option to ensure you get the right product you need, even if you may not have all the finances in order at the moment.  

Like Net 30, to apply for Year Round Terms you must first fill out the credit application. A report will be run on the business’s credit, not your personal credit. The first payment is due at the time of order and the remaining 11 payments will be automatically deducted on the 15th of every month until paid in full. This option is only eligible on operations that have been in business for at least one year. 



Leasing provides even more flexibility, allowing you to pay in full between one to five years, with inexpensive buyout options negotiated at the time of lease. Whereas the 12-month financing option is applicable for established businesses only, anyone can lease, pending credit approval. An application is necessary, but the report will pull from personal credit history, not business credit like the above net terms or financing options. An interest rate negotiated at the time of lease will also be applied to monthly payments. 

You can use this finance calculator to help calculate your estimated monthly payments

Additional Payment Options


More traditional payment options are accepted as well, including electronic payments and money transfers from Automated Clearing House (ACH), a free payment network that makes it quick and easy to process financial transactions.

We also accept:

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer

Cash or Checks

Case or Checks

Credit Card

Credit Cards

Money Order

Money Order

Acceptable credit cards include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. All of these services can be coordinated via phone or mail. 

We also offer payments through Amazon and PayPal. These are for online customers only and can be selected through checkout. 


Our flexible payment options make it easy to ensure you have everything you need, when you need it, to run an efficient business. For questions and additional information, call 800-215-9293.