Nor-Lake KODB77812-CR Kold Locker, Right Hinged

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The Nor-Lake KODB77812-CR is a Kold Locker™ outdoor walk-in cooler designed to store any quantity of bulk ingredients at safe holding temperature so that they do not get spoiled as quickly. An ideal addition for most commercial environments, this versatile walk-in cooler is also well-suited for those who do not have enough space inside the kitchen for equipment or ingredients storage. This commercial-grade unit features a self-CRosing door with a deadbolt locking handle with individual keylock feature for the safety of food stock. An inside safety release protects the staff from getting trapped inside the storage unit. The door heater wire prevents the magnetic gaskets from freezing. The vapor-proof light with a switch is included for maximum visibility inside the cooler. This walk-in cooler has a floor that gives certain height to the unit so that it can be installed anywhere and on any type of floor.

The Nor-Lake outdoor cooler is made of 26-gauge stucco embossed coated galvanized steel for excellent corrosion- and wear-resistance. The floor is made of smooth aluminum to seal the entire structure and provide a durable surface for storage. The cooler panels have 4" thick CFC-free polyurethane insulation to ensure temperature consistency and optimum cooling. The white membrane roof protects the interior of the cooler from water. The cooler comes with a weather protection kit that includes flashing strips, roof materials, and roof trim for overall protection of the unit from elements.

This Kold Locker™ walk-in cooler boasts a self-contained Capsule Pak™ refrigeration system that is mounted at the top for maximizing interior space. This cooling unit allows to maintain temperature from 35F to 38F. The temperature is continuously monitored by an externally mounted digital thermometer. This model has an automatic defrost system to prevent frost and ice build-up.

Main Features Include:
  • Walk-in cooler to store food in bulk quantity
  • Self-CRosing design with a spring-actuated closer
  • Locking deadbolt handle includes a padlock and key
  • Vapor-proof light with switch for visibility
  • 26-gauge embossed coated steel interior and exterior finish
  • Smooth aluminum interior floor
  • Insulated panels for temperature consistency
  • White membrane roof and trim
  • Includes weather protection kit
  • Top-mounted Capsule Pak™ cooling system
  • Temperature is maintained at 35F
  • Digital thermometer to monitor temperature
  • 4" CFC-free polyurethane insulated panels
  • Ships unassembled for quick and easy installation
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