Metro C539-HD - Holding and Transport Cabinet - Holding Cabinets -, Blue, Lexan

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The Metro C539-HD Heated Holding Cabinet keeps food warm until it is time to serve the guests. This full-height holding cabinet comes with insulation technology that saves heat and energy while keeping the exterior cool to touch. With aluminum and polymer construction, this cabinet with insulation Armour panels stays free from impact, stain, and dents, making it long-lasting equipment. Clear Lexan or insulated aluminum door of the unit enhances visibility of the food items stored inside so that the user can keep a check on them without any heat loss. Offset/flush handles allow easy accessibility and moveable operations. This single cabinet can easily accommodate 17 pans measuring 18"x26".

Holding cabinet features control modules including Moisture, Holding, and Combination Proof and Hold. Moisture module for holding hot items at high temperature, holding module for holding and proofing at any temperature with moisture control, and combination module for holding and proofing at low temperature. Every module provides the cabinet with quick heating and recovery with the help of a forced, thermostatically operated convection system. Each control has a digital thermometer which indicated the temperature level ranging from 80°F to 200°F without control on the moisture level. The master on/off switch, recessed control dials, and power indicator lights ensure smooth operations of the cabinet and make it easy to train new employees. These control systems are easily removable without the need for any tools, making the cleaning process quick and easy. It also helps the user to replace any worn-out controls without the need to replace the entire body of the cabinet. The unit comes with four 5" casters (2 of them have brakes) for its easy mobility so that the user can place it anywhere in the kitchen. This model is available in red, blue, and grey color options.

Main Features Include:
  • Metro model C539-HDC-4 Heated Holding Cabinet with insulation Armour for energy conservation and heat retention
  • Polymer and aluminum exterior for keeping it durable, cool-to-touch, and safe from dents, stains, and impacts
  • Flushed, offset handles for maneuverability
  • Insulated aluminum or clear Lexan door for increased visibility to keep a check on food without opening the door and losing heat
  • 17 slide pairs inside the cabinet
  • Holding capacity of the unit is 17 pans measuring 18"x26"
  • Thermostat with temperature ranging from 80°F to 200°F
  • Bottom-mounted, removable control system for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Polymer drip trough and catch pan for collecting food debris and condensation
  • 3 Control modules for feasibility in operations
  • Holding module for hot food items at high temperature without control on moisture level
  • Moisture module for holding and proofing hot food items and moisture control at any given temperature
  • Combination module for holding and proofing hot food and control on moisture level at lower temperature
  • Power switch, power light, and control dials for easy operations
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Control TypeThermostatic
Door TypeClear
Interior ConfigurationFixed Wire
Door SizeHalf Size
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