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Shop a huge selection of shelving units, pot and pan racks, shelf modifiers, and a variety of accessories to create a custom storage solution for your space.

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Heated Holding

Keep food at ideal serving temperatures with half-height, full-height, and uniquely-sized holding cabinets and accessories. Heated shelves for contactless order pickup and takeout holding are great solutions for the front of the house!

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Mightylite Food Carriers

Insulated food carriers, pan carriers, and accessories are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to safely and effectively transport food.

Shop Metro Mightylite Food Carriers

Utility & Bussing Carts

Every operation needs a reliable cart. Shop metal or plastic utility and bussing carts, serving carts, and utility carts, plus parts and accessories to find the solution to your needs!

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Heated Banquet Carts

Designed especially for delivering large quantities of prepared food, Metro Heated Banquet Carts are available in several configurations. Choose from one or two doors and up to four shelves with a variety of clearance heights. 

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Wall Shelving

Create a custom setup with Metro shelves and accessories like hooks, baskets, and utensil holders.

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Bun Pan Racks

Browse sturdy Metro Bun Pan Racks and select the height and pan spacing that's right for you.

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Dunnage Racks

Ideal for keeping ingredients and supplies organized and off the ground, Metro Dunnage Racks are available in metal or polymer, and available with or without casters.

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Dish & Tray Dollies

Easily transport dishes from kitchen to dining room and back again with a sturdy Metro Dish Dolly.

Shop Metro Dish & Tray Dollies

Track Shelving

Make the most of every square inch of available storage space with Metro Track Shelving. Fully customizable and adjustable, there is a configuration that will meet your needs. Combine open shelving, enclosed security shelving, plus parts and accessories to create your ideal storage space.

Shop Metro Track Shelving

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