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Manitowoc Ice is the industry leader in ice dispensing with 17 Best-In-Class recognitions from Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine. They’ve built their reputation on developing the most innovating, technologically advanced ice dispensing solutions with one of the largest portfolios of ice machines in the foodservice industry. Available in a range of styles and capacities, their lineup of ice machines ranges from 53 to 3,380 lbs. of ice production a day and can produce standard cube, flake, nugget, and gourmet ice.

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Ice Machines

Browse Manitowoc Ice machines with trusted daily production capacities designed to match your needs. Production capacities ranging from 400 pounds per day all the way to 1400+ pounds per day are available.

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Undercounter Ice Machines

Save space without sacrificing ice production. Manitowoc undercounter ice machines are low-height models that fit perfectly under bars or anywhere space is limited. Available in a range of production outputs.

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Ice Dispensers

Manitowoc’s ice and water dispensers are available in floor and countertop configurations, meeting a range of volume demands, with lever-activated or hands-free configurations.

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Ice Storage Bins

Manitowoc Ice Storage Bins are available in a variety of sizes and capacities for different ice needs and are compatible with Manitowoc Ice Machines.

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Flake and Nugget Ice Machines

Manitowoc ice dispensers are capable of dispensing ice of the nugget, flake, or gourmet varieties. Nugget ice is ideal ice for chewing, perfect for fountain or blended drinks. Flake ice is perfect for keeping food chilled, often seen at seafood counters in supermarkets.

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