Lincoln 1130-000-U - Conveyor Pizza Oven - Impinger II Express, 120/208/1

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The Lincoln 1130-000-U Impinger II Express is a premium-grade conveyor pizza oven designed to reduce cooking times thanks to its fast and consistent baking mechanism. The electric conveyor oven is perfect for commercial foodservice locations including, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and coffee shops. The Advanced Air Impingement technology helps enhance bake quality and uniformity in cooking. The front removable conveyor on this unit helps improve the cleaning in tight spaces. The oven has a 3-tier stackable design and has controls to adjust conveyor speed for providing 1-minute to 30-minute cook time.

The Lincoln 1130-000-U allows users to adjust temperature levels between 250°F and 575°F. It has a front-loading design featuring an access door with a cool-to-touch handle to ensure safe operation. The sides, top, and front are made of durable stainless steel material that provides optimum corrosion resistance. The 18"Wx56"L conveyor belt allows to heat the food evenly for organized cooking. The baking chamber on the unit is 28" wide and can produce 20 fresh dough pizzas per hour. A glass access window is provided for easy monitoring of items inside the oven.

The conveyor belt is powered by a powerful AC motor. It requires a 208V or 240V, single-phase or three-phase electrical connection to function. The unit is also available in natural and LP gas variants that require a 120V electrical connection. It comes with a 12-1/4" take off shelf that can be fitted on either side of the oven. The shelf allows the products to land straight into it as they come out of the oven.

Main Features Include:
  • Suitable for commercial foodservice establishments
  • Equipped with Advanced Air Impingement Technology
  • Front removable conveyor
  • Three-tier stackable design
  • Solid-state controls
  • Conveyor adjustable from 1-minute to 30-minute cook time
  • Temperature adjustable between 250°F and 575°F
  • Front-loading design
  • Access door with a cool-to-touch handle
  • Stainless steel sides, top, and front
  • 18" wide and 56" long conveyor belt
  • "Product Stop" on conveyor for organized cooking
  • 28" wide baking chamber
  • Produces 20 fresh dough pizzas per hour
  • Glass access window for optimal product visibility
  • Conveyor belt powered by AC motor
  • Requires a 208V or 240V, single-phase or three-phase electrical connection
  • Available in Natural and LP gas variants
  • 12-1/4" take off shelf fits on either side of the oven
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Power TypeElectric
Belt Length56 Inches
Installation TypeFloor Model
StackableSingle Stacked
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