Work Tables

There are a variety of work table options and accessories, it’s important to understand about and what the function of each is, to choose the correct work table for your space.


Types & Gauges

Gauges are used to specify what the thickness of the metal is. For example:

Gauge Number Stainless Steel (Inches) Galvanized Steel (Inches)
18 .050 .0516
16 .0625 .0635
14 .07812 .0785

18 Gauge

18 Gauge also known as the budget friendly worktable, is less expensive and lighter than other types. They are, however, more susceptible to dents and dings. These tables are perfect for sandwich and salad prep.

16 Gauge

16 Gauge have more quality but remain affordable. The 16 gauge is more durable than the 18 gauge.

14 Gauge

14 Gauge have the highest durability. They are perfect for use with cleavers and meat tenderizers, as they do not dent easily.

Type 304

Type 304 stainless steel is the most common type used for commercial work tables. It is highly resistance to corrosion and rust. This type contains low carbon and high levels of chromium and nickel, meaning it is durable and can withstand the high demands of daily use in any commercial environment.


Open Base vs. Undershelf

Depending on your specific needs, you may want an open base under your work table, or you may want an undershelf. An open base is perfect if you will be keeping rolling ingredient bins under your work table, for easy prep. Or if you prefer a convenient area to store small appliances or other items, then you should look for work tables with undershelves. The undershelf comes with an option of being galvanized or entirely stainless steel. The galvanized option also has galvanized steel legs and plastic feet.


Enclosed Work Tables

Enclosed work tables are another versatile option to have in your kitchen. They are convenient for kitchen storage, while also allowing space for food prep. Many options are available in either swinging or sliding doors.



Additional Table Options


It’s important to have a backsplash on your work table, if it will be positioned up against a wall. This will ensure that the wall is protected from drips and splashes, so that cleanup is easy.



Edge Type

Square/Flat Edge

Square/flat edge have squared-off edges on all four sides of the table. This makes it easier to place multiple tables next to each other.

Rounded/Bullnose Edge

Rounded/ Bullnose Edge have a rounded front and rear edge, with square side edges. This allows easier cleaning on the table.

Countertop/Marine Edge

Countertop/Marine Edge have a drip containing ridge around the perimeter of the work table.


Table Top Types

Poly Top Work Tables

Poly Top Work Tables are the best option for butcher shops, bakeries, meat counters, food processing plants, and delis. The top surface of the work table can double as a cutting board, making this a more versatile option.

Wood Top Work Tables

Wood Top Work Tables are the best option for bakeries. Usually these are paired with 4” risers, to keep the ingredients, like flour on the table.



Cutting Boards

Cutting boards adding one to your table, can make it an even more efficient space. Keep your work table top scratch free, but add the cutting board for additional space.

Table Mounted Shelves

Table mounted shelves Add even more versatility to your table, with either a singe or double deck configuration. These can be welded to the table and are fully adjustable.


Undershelves an easy storage for your kitchen. Keep everything you might need for your food prep, right around the work table


Casters make your table easy to move for cleaning! Caster offer the advantage of making any table mobile. Keep in mind, this will raise the height of your work table.


Drawers can be added to conveniently store frequently used knives, labels, gloves, or even cutting boards.

Hand Sink

Welded-In hand sink can be an optional add, making your workspace that much more convenient.