Hot Dog Roller Grills

Hot dog roller grills are a versatile piece of restaurant equipment as they can cook a variety of products and can be used in a variety of foodservice applications from self-serve areas and convenience stores to concession stands and movie theaters. Their rollers allow for 360º coverage on each food item for even cooking and holding. Hot dog roller grills can usually cook items quickly—sometimes having the product ready with five to ten minutes. 

Ideas for Foods to Cook on a Hot Dog Roller Grill

Wondering what else you can cook other than hot dogs?  There are lots of things such as bratwursts, sausages, egg rolls, taquitos and other breaded goods.


Grill and Roller Coatings

  • Chrome: Ideal for quick cooking and recovery time
  • Non-Stick: Provides for easy clean-up
  • Super-Turn: Industry best for breaded products such as egg rolls, taquitos and corn dogs
  • No Rollers: Only one moving parts so easy to service 


Temperature Controls

Hot dog roller grills are available with thermostic or infinite controls. Once theh food item is cooked to temperature, they can stay on the grill for up to two hours. Some models are available with dual temperature zones for simultaneous cooking and serving.

  • Thermostatic Controls: React to temperature changes and will maintain product at a set food temperature
  • Infinite Controls: Operate on a percent of time, and will turn on or off regardless of temperature



Hot dog roller grill manufacturers make the grills available in a wide ranges of sizes from as little as 30 dogs to as many as 50 dogs. When choosing a capacity, keep in mind how many hot dogs you sell and what the turnaround time is. When considering what capacity you may need, simply calculate the potential number of hot dogs sold per hour. This will give you an idea of the type of capacity you may need. If they are a big seller, a larger capacity unit may be ideal. Otherwise a smaller unit may be a better option so product is not wasted.


Other Considerations

  • Health Codes: Check you local health codes to ensure whether or not a sneezeguard is needed. It may be advantageous to erro on the side of caution and use one if not required. This will give your customers a sense of confidence in your product.
  • Stadium Slanted Roller Design: Offers the best presentation of the product while helping to increase sales and impulse purchases.
  • Additional Features: Various grills offer dual-sided access, drip trays and skid resistant feet. Many grills also have the option of adding bun warmers or drawers to complete your customer's hot dog experience.



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