Finding the Right Food Processor

Food processors are a versatile piece of equipment, to have in any kitchen! A processor can easily take the manual process out of kneading dough, pureeing soups, or even meat grinding. Understanding the different parts of your food processor, help you to pick the best one for you.


Types of Food Processors

Continuous Feed

Feed allows the user to feed product constantly, while dispensing into a separate container. This makes processing food quick and easy.  


Batch Bowl

Batch bowl allows users to drop food vertically into the bowl. An “S” blade or disc is inside of the bowl, that cuts the product into the desired size and shape.


Buffalo Choppers

Buffalo Choppers are the most versatile type of processor. They are heavy duty and can handle anything from carrots to meat.  These processors feature an accessory hub, allowing you to connect add-ons. Typically, they are heavier and sturdier than most processors, because they are designed from all metal.



Combination are a mix of continuous and batch bowl. This allows you to use your processor as a bowl unit, or attach an add on and dispense externally.


The motor of the food processor, like any other motor, is rated in Horsepower (hp). The higher the horsepower rating, the stronger the motor, the more volume that can be processed.  The controls for the processor, are also linked to the motor. The control options range from paddle, touchpad, button, or knob.

Food Processor Attachments

Here are some more attachments that you might find useful, when customizing your processor for your business. Bowls hold the food that is cut.

"S" Blade and Discs

The most common food processing attachments are the “S” blade and discs.


Pusher allows you to safely feed product into the processor.

Slicing Discs

Slicing discs works as a vegetable cutter, along with a variety of other food options.

Julienne Disc

Julienne Disc best for cutting carrots and potatoes, as well as other foods that you would like stick shaped.

Grating Disc

Grating Disc cuts vegetables and cheeses into fine pieces.

Shredding Disc

Shredding Disc shreds food into thing long strands.

Dicing Discs

Dicing Disc a great option for cutting large chunks of vegetables for stews and soups.

French Fry Disc

French Fry Disc used for cutting French fries.

Discharge Plate

Discharge plate collects and dispenses food from continuous feed and combination bowls.

Whipping Disc

Whipping disc creates butter and cream.

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