Food Pan Carriers and Carts

Food pan carriers and carts are used to transport food, while maintaining serving temperature for hours. They come in a variety of styles, constructions and capacities to best fit your needs.

Pan Carrier

Pan carriers are ideal for smaller amounts of food. Many manufacturers sell dollies or trollies to enable them to be used for transport.


  • Top Loading: Horizontal units with an opening on top. Ideal for holding the same type of food in one or more pans. These are a more economic option than Front Loading carriers.
  • Front Loading: Also known as "end loading", these are vertical units with doors  on the front and can be stacked in some cases. Front loading cars are ideal for carrying multiple pans without having to stack them on top of each other.

Pan Carts

Pan carts are ideal for carrying large amounts of foods and make transport easy because they are a complet unit with casters attached. They are available in electric or non-electric.


  • Electric Units: Ensure food stays at a specific temperature and won't drop over time. Keep in mind electric pan carts aren't meant to cook food – just maintain temperature.
  • Non-Electric Units: Useful in situations where electricity is unavailable or limited. Their insulation allows them to retain hot or cold temperatures for hours.

Optional Accessories

There are several options to help make a food pan carrier or cart more convenient. Some of these options are: 

  • Dollies: Make transportation easier
  • Chiller Plates: Allow for holding at cooler temperatures
  • Warmer Plates: Maintain heat for an even longer period of time once heated to a specific temperature and placed in cart or carrier
  • Divider Bars: Divide the cabinet interior and concentrate temperature retention to a smaller area in partially full cabinets and insulated shelves

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