Bar Stools


Choose the Right Bar Stool Height

  • Short height: 28” to 30” counter height – choose 16” to 23” seat height
  • Counter height: 35” to 39” counter height – choose stools with 24” to 27” seat height
  • Bar height: 40” to 43” counter height – choose stools with 28” to 33” seat height
  • Extra tall: 44” to 47” counter height – choose stools with 34” seat height or taller

A good rule of thumb to consider when picking bar stool heights: 10-12" should be the allotted amount of space between the stool seat and the underside of your table counter.


When selecting a barstool for your commercial restaurant needs, you will first need to choose which type of material that you would like. Each have their benefits:

Wood or metal?  For a traditional or natural look, consider a wood option. You can choose from different stain finishes so that they can match any décor that you have. For a modern look, consider a metal option. Metal can be more durable and offers great more versality, and can usually be used both indoors and outdoors.

Assembly Options

  • Assembled- Most of our barstools arrive fully assembled, saving you tons on time.
  • Requires Assembly- A few of our barstools arrive this way. This is noted on the product information page. You will have to assemble these items yourself; however, it will likely save you on shipping costs!


Smaller Width – Allows for more seats to fit at the counter

Larger Width – Typically more comfortable, but allows for less seating

Determine how many barstools you need:

The number of stools you can fit in your seating area should be determined by the amount of space you need between each to easily allow for maneuvering

  • If the bar stool is 16-18”- you will need 6” between seats
  • If the bar stool is wider than 18”, has arms or swivels, you will need 8-10” between seats


Seat Styles



Maintenance After Purchasing

Be sure to do routine checks and maintenance after you purchase your bar stools, to ensure the safety of your customers! Frequently check the nuts and bolts to see if any need tightened, clean your stools, and make sure to buy quality bar seating so you do not have to replace as often.