Bar Refrigeration

Bar refrigeration is important for both bars and restaurants because beverages can be the most highly profitable items on your menu. While many beverages cost just a few cents to create, your dining customers are willing to pay $5, $10 or even more for a single cocktail or alcoholic beverage from your bar area.

To start cashing in on those profits, you'll need a series of refrigerated bar equipment. Most units are available in your choice of Black vinyl-coated steel or Stainless Steel exteriors. Black is a great choice for bars and restaurants that want a unified look that blends into the back bar space well. Stainless Steel provides an upscale, modern and sleek feel to the service area. Below is a list of the different types of bar refrigeration, and the major benefits in purchasing each type for your bar or restaurant.



Back Bar Storage

  • Maximum performance in even the hottest, most humid climates
  • Hold and display wine, champagne, specialty beers not available on tap, wine coolers and non-alcoholic drinks like juice and water
  • Multiple door options available, including:
    • Glass Doors: great to showcase product and to entice customers sitting at bar area to buy
    • Solid Doors: helps to hide cluttered or under-stocked areas in refrigeration from customer view
    • Sliding Doors: great for space-conscious areas that can't afford to lose space from swing doors
    • Swing Doors: provides easy access to contents for both stocking and unloading
  • Your choice of galvanized tops (slide under existing cabinetry for a "built-in" look) or stainless steel tops (tops can be used for extra workspace)



Draft Beer Dispensers

  • Increase your profit margins by serving draft beer as opposed to bottled beer
  • Provide better-tasting, longer-lasting and fresher beer than when using non-commercial units without CO2 tank systems
  • Lower energy efficiency
  • Equipment housed completely beneath work surface, which gives you more room for displaying product, prepping drinks and holding beverage equipment



Bottle Coolers

  • Top-mounted sliding doors keep the back bar area free of swinging doors
  • Use anywhere a 120V outlet is available—no plumbing required!
  • Front-mounted bottle opener/catcher for convenient opening and reduced clutter in walkways



Glass and Plate Chillers

  • Increase your profits by enticing customers with chilly, frosted mugs of beer
  • Refrigeration system holds at 0°F to help ensure frozen drinks and foods don't melt before they are served to the customer
  • Prevent the unsafe practices of chilling glasses and plates in tubs of cold water or dangerously stacking items in freezers


Wine Merchandisers

  • Keep wines chilled at appropriate temperatures to increase sales
  • Glass doors invite customers to view product and make a purchase
  • Versatile enough to place side-by-side, or to stand alone
  • Great for liquor stores, grocery stores, party/specialty shops


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