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Glass Door Merchandisers vs. Reach-In Refrigerators

Before we dive into the world of merchandisers, it’s important that we clarify what a merchandiser can’t do. If you’re looking for a back-of-the house refrigerator, you may see a glass door merchandiser is cheaper than a glass door reach-in refrigerator and think it’s okay to buy the glass door merchandiser to use for food storage.

  That would be a wrong assumption. 

Merchandising refrigerators are designed to hold packaged items only, such as bottled or canned sodas, or packaged sandwiches. The reason for this is because merchandisers aren’t built to meet strict interior holding requirements that a storage refrigerator does. A reach-in storage refrigerator is built to hold both closed food products and open food products, such as food pans for buffets, salads, etc. If you are trying to store open food products in a merchandiser, not only are you at risk of endangering your customers by potentially not holding product at a safe temperature, but you will most likely get written up if this is caught by a health inspector.