Using the reorder list makes reordering frequently purchased items a breeze.    

Do you have items that you will need to reorder in the future? Items such as cutlery, water filters, disposables, and more frequently need to be replenished. Easily add frequently purchased items to your reorder list, right from the product details page. You can quickly reorder the item from the reorder list when you need to. 


Add items to your reorder list from the product detail page:

Change the item quantity, if neccessary. Click the link 'Add to Reorder list'. Voila! You've just added the first item to your reorder list. You can view your Reorder list by clicking the 'My Account' button at the top of any page.



Add items to your reorder list from My Account:

If you know the model number of the item that you would like to add to your Reorder List, you can add items directly to your Reorder List. Click 'Add Products'. For each item that you would like to add to your list, enter the model number and the quantity you would like to default to. For example, if you know you will usually be ordering 5 dozen Teaspoons, enter '5' for the quantity. Keep in mind this quantity can always be adjusted when reordering. Click the 'Add' button.