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Hobart has carved out a name for itself as a premium leader of commercial foodservice equipment, particularly in the areas of food preparation and dishwashing. Their lineup of commercial mixers, slicers, processors, and dishwashers is second to none, and they’ve been crafting new innovations to help food services thrive for over 125 years!

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Commercial Mixers & Mixer Accessories

Hobart’s heavy-duty commercial mixers have the power to get the job done, and are available in a range of configurations with multiple attachments to enhance productivity and efficiencies in food prep. The product line features their popular Legacy® planetary mixers in both countertop or floor configurations; their valued-priced Centerline™ models for less rigorous tasks; and spiral mixers great for perfecting pizza dough.

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Commercial Slicers

No matter what you’re slicing, Hobart’s commercial slicers are up for the task, featuring their innovative interlocking gauge plate system to give your staff an extra level of protection, and the Borazon® Sharpening Stones to keep the knife honed for optimal performance day in and day out. 

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Commercial Food & Vegetable Processors

Hobart’s commercial food processors produce consistent results with minimal effort, and are available in several configurations, such as continuous feed for fast, consistent slicing, dicing, and shredding; bowl-style to reduce food waste and prep time; and food cutters for versatility and preciseness.

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Commercial Meat Processing

Hobart’s commercial meat processing solutions provide accurate and consistent results each time. With durable designs that reduce food waste while delivering high-quality cuts. Featuring grinders, choppers, tenderizers, and accessories.

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Commercial Dishwashers

Hobart commercial dish machines set the standard in quality and value, with best-in-class performance to ensure sanitization to NSF standards with each wash. Features innovating, energy-minded technologies to enhance operational efficiencies, saving on labor, time, and utility costs with the lowest water, energy, and chemical consumption.

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Commercial Disposers

Hobart commercial disposers offer an economical way to dispose of food waste — a simple and efficient way to minimize waste and save money.

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