Groen 2SSB5EF Smartsteam, 100 Convection Steamer, 240V/1-Ph

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Groen 2SSB5EF Convection Steamer is a smart choice for every commercial kitchen as its multiple benefits make the work simple and quick. Featuring a stainless steel construction without any side vents, the steamer stays safe from spray, water, and corrosion. Steamer's side panels are easily removable, making it easy for the user to access the internal components at the time of cleaning. This double-stacked SmartSteam 100 convection steamer can easily accommodate up to 10 pans measuring 12"x20"x2-1/2" each, making it an ideal equipment for food joints with heavy food demand. Under both the compartments, there is a removable tray for collecting condensate to keep the unit clean. This standout design features a Boilerless generator for complete access to the water reservoir so that the food is steamed completely. The detachable steam lid allows quick steam recovery to fasten up the cooking speed.

Groen's SmartSeam Convection Steamer features controls including an electronic timer and On/Off switch for managing the cooking operations. When the steamer compartment is warm and ready for the process, it indicates the same through "Ready" light fixed on the control system. For smooth operations, both the compartments of this steamer have an electric-heated reservoir for steam generation that allows the temperature to reach approximately 212°F. These reservoirs also have water level sensors for detecting the level of water flowing inside the compartments. For even steam distribution around the compartment, there is a side-mounted blower, powerful enough for increasing the steam velocity of this equipment. Standing tall on an open leg stand and bullet feet, this steamer is perfect to be placed in the kitchen.

Features include:
  • Groen model 2SSB5EF Convection Steamer is a double-stack, electric model intended for steaming multiple food items in one go
  • Stainless steel construction with insulated doors ensures durability
  • Removable panels for accessing internal components easily at the time of cleaning
  • Polyester-coated, smudge-resistant control panel for smooth finish and easy maintenance
  • To keep the unit water and spray-resistant, there are no side vents
  • Hidden magnetic door switch to cut power when the door is opened
  • Condensate collection tray at the bottom of each compartment for maintaining cleanliness
  • Steamer control panel with on/off switch, stop buttons, ready light, and electronic timer for smooth operations
  • Electric-heated steam generating reservoir maintains the temperature of the unit at 212°F
  • Boilerless generator for ensuring that food is steamed throughout
  • 240V/1-PH
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