Gas Pizza Deck Oven - 2 Decks, 60"Wx36"D Interior, Black

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Make pizzas at a faster speed using the Bakers Pride Y-602 Pizza Deck Oven. This model is operated by natural gas and designed for serving heavy pizza demands in a jam-packed restaurant. It is ideal for all-purpose operations. The Y series oven has two decks to speed up your cooking process. Thermostat temperature of this oven ranges between 300 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. Its consistent temperature and evenly distributed flames of burner make sure your food is uniformly cooked and not at all burnt. This ensures customer satisfaction and retention. The exterior of this oven has a 403, heavy-gauge stainless steel construction giving this equipment a durable performance and safety from corrosion. This smooth finished exterior also makes your cleaning work easy. Featuring complete insulation up to a thickness of 127mm, this equipment ensures that the exterior surface stays cool to touch, making it user-friendly in operations. The interior surface of the oven has a heavy-duty iron frame construction with a thickness of 6mm. It is totally welded to create a unitized section for operations. Combined with 16 gauges, heat-resistant aluminized steel, giving the oven maximum efficiency.

Doors of the oven are insulated, and spring balanced for easy accessibility. The handles are made from steel and tubular in shape, making it easy for you to open and close the door. Boasting operator-controlled, independent top and bottom, the heat control dampers and micro-slides can be balanced perfectly. Below the baking chamber, double burner heat injecting structures are placed allowing an even distribution of heat. Featuring a 2" Fibrament deck, you can rely on the oven for cooking pizza evenly.

The oven has a single hood in canopy style. The Bakers Pride oven comes with a combination of gas control combined with pressure regulator, manual gas valve and pilot safety. There are easy-to-remove flame diverters that can be slid out for the distribution of burner flames in the chamber. This oven features 7 gauges heavy-duty legs made from steel. They can be rolled easily, making it easy for you to displace the equipment as per the requirements of the kitchen space. For maximum efficiency, the oven uses 120,000 BTU of power and runs on LP or natural gas. Exterior measurements of the oven are 78" W x 43" D x 66-1/4" H with an interior surface measuring 60" W x 36" D. Weight of the oven is 2641 lb. making it the perfect commercial equipment to be placed in your pizza joint, bistro, or pub.

Features include:
  • Bakers Pride model Y-602 Pizza Deck Oven has a stainless steel construction for durability and superior performance
  • There are two decks to speed up the process of pizza making
  • Exterior of the equipment is fully insulated for keeping the outer body cool
  • Interior of this equipment has a heavy-duty iron frame construction and has a high amount of heat-resistance
  • Thermostat temperature ranges from 300 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It uses 120,000 BTU for maximum output
  • There is direct venting or a canopy style hood for heat retention
  • There are two adjustable dampers for controlling heat so that there is a balanced amount of heat under and over the oven
  • Door of the oven is spring balanced and insulated
  • The steel handles are in tubular shape for easy opening and closing of door
  • The oven works through a combination of pilot safety, manual gas valve, and pressure regulator
  • The steel legs are made from heavy-duty, 7 gauges steel
  • Overall measurements of the oven are 78" W x 43" D x 66-1/4" H
  • Interior dimensions of the oven are 60" W x 36" D
  • This oven can be operated by using natural or LP gas
  • There is a 2" fibrament deck for even heat distribution
  • Weight of the oven is 2641 lb.
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Total BTUs240000
BrandBakers Pride
Width78 Inches
Number of Tiers2
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