Frymaster FPH155 (CM3.5) 50 lb. Gas Floor Fryer, High Efficiency with Built-In Filtration

FPH155 (CM3.5)
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Fry big batches of chicken wings and french fries with the Frymaster FPH155 Gas Floor Fryer. Open style design with a 50 lb. oil capacity. This high-efficiency fryer is designed with one of the best heat transfer systems for withstanding the demands of a commercial kitchen. The fryer includes a rack basket support with a basket hanger and 2 baskets. This single fryer features a CM3.5 touchpad control system designed to cook multiple food items in a limited period of time for consistency in production. Equipped with an audible alarm system, this fryer ensures that the user is alerted as soon as the food is fried. Controlled boil-out temperature and automated melt cycle. LED screen on the unit showcases the countdown time for keeping a check on cooking progress. Its programmable "Shake" and "Hold" times help the user know when it's time to shake the basket and when to hold it still. The center-built compensating temperature probe at 1° helps measure the current temperature of fryer. Electronic ignition of the fryer helps start the frying process quickly while saving energy.

Frymaster's single fryer features a built-in filtration system and cold zone with front sloping bottom allows the user to clean and maintain the unit easily. The filter cycle takes less than 5 minutes to drain out the food particles. Fryer's drain pan helps prevent any oil residue after the filtration process. 3" drain line of the fryer helps oil travel freely throughout the cooking chamber. Crumb catcher beneath the fryer helps collect food debris and particles so that the user can clean fryer easily after use.

Main Features Include:
  • Frymaster model FPH155 Gas Floor Fryer with 50 lb oil capacity
  • Rack designed basket support with 2 baskets and a basket hanger
  • Stainless steel frying pot, cabinet, and door built for durability and strength
  • Electronic ignition for easy and quick work flow
  • CM3.5 digital control system for smooth operations
  • Programmable "hold" and "shake" time, controlled boil-out, audible alarm system, and LED screen
  • Infrared burners with efficient heat transfer system for maximum output in minimum time
  • Built-in filtration system and cold zone with sloping bottom for quick and easy cleaning
  • Drain safety switch and rear oil flush
  • 3" round-shaped drain line for smooth oil flow in the cooking chamber
  • Crumb catcher to collect food debris and particles
  • Filter pan on the rails to clean floormats
  • Compensating temperature probe at an angle of 1°
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VPNFPH155 (CM3.5)
Capacity50 Pounds
Power TypeNatural Gas or LP Must Specify
Number of Fry Pots1
FiltrationBuilt-In Filtration
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