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Flash Furniture is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential furniture, featuring an extensive and stylish assortment for the patio, dining room, bar, office and reception areas, social lounges, school classrooms, and home furnishings. Top-quality, trend-forward furniture at affordable prices.

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Outdoor Furniture

Set the scene – a lively outdoor dining atmosphere with Flash Furniture’s stylish line of patio furniture, featuring chairs and tables in countless styles and materials designed to withstand the elements and enhance the outdoor ambiance.

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Table Tops, Table Bases, Folding Tables & Table Sets

Flash Furniture’s selection of tables offers something for every setting, from lowkey to high-volume dining rooms, catered events, social areas, and more. Featuring a lineup of table tops and bases in a variety of styles, folding tables, and complete table sets.

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Metal Frame Seating

Flash Furniture’s assortment of metal frame seating is durable and available in numerous styles and color options – ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Wood Frame Seating

Flash Furniture’s selection of wood frame seating, featuring standard height dining chairs and bar height chairs, is sturdy and comfortable, available in a range of finishes and styles.

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Stack Chairs & Folding Chairs

Flash Furniture’s selection of stackable and folding chairs is easy to store for space savings and perfect for the popup and catered events.

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School Furniture

Create an ideal learning environment with Flash Furniture’s selection of school furniture, featuring adjustable desks, comfortable seating, and magnetic marker boards.

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Office Furniture & Reception Furniture

Create comfortable collaboration and workspaces with Flash Furniture’s stylish office and reception furniture offerings, featuring comfortable seating, sleek shelving, desks, and more.

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Residental Furniture

Create a welcoming home environment with Flash Furniture’s selection of residential furnishings.

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