Energy Star® High Efficiency Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Save Energy, Save Money

Central Restaurant Products offers more than 400 products that meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines. Restaurants that invest strategically can cut utility costs 10-30% without sacrificing service, quality, style or comfort. No matter which type of commercial kitchen you operate, there are many ways you can cut your energy usage and lower your utility bills, all while making significant contributions to a cleaner environment. If you'd like to learn more, check out the links to helpful resources below, or call your product consultant at 800-215-9293.

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What you save when you buy Energy Star®?


Facilities with commercial kitchens use approximately 250 MBTU/sq.ft. — roughly 25 time more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. Outfitting an entire kitche with a suite of ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment could save operators about 285 MBTU/year annually.


ENERGY STAR® qualified products could cost as much as 50% less than their conventional counterparts. A kitch using all ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment can save operators approximately $2500 per year vs. traditional kitchens.


ENERGY STAR® qualified steam cookers, dishwashers, and ice machines are up to 90% more water efficient than non-qualified equipment.


Equipment that carries the ENERGY STAR® qualified rating helps eliminate excess heat and noise generated by inefficient appliances.


Refrigerators & Freeezers

ENERGY STAR® qualified commercial refrigerators and freezers are more efficient because they are designed with components like ECM evaporators and condensor fan motors, hot gas anti-sweat heaters or high efficiency compressors, which will significantly reduce energy consumption and utility bills. These units feature an average energy saving of around 35% to 45%. Each ENERGY STAR® refrigerator or freezer could potentially save you well over $1,000 in utility costs throughout the unit's life cycle, making the full cost of ownership much lower than standard units.

Ice Machines

ENERGY STAR® commercial ice machines  include air-cooled models that are modular, self-contained or remote condensing. Batch-type ice makers save on average about 1200 kWh or $130 per year in electricity bill costs. They are on average 15% more energy efficient and 23% more water efficient than standard models. These units can save you an average of $40 per year and 6,300 gallons per year due to reduced water usage. Continuous-type ice makers are on average 15% more energy efficient than standard models. These units can save you, on average, about 1500 k!H or $160 per year on utility bills.


Tips to Save Even More on Ice Machines

  • Cut down on daytime electricity demand by installing a timer and shifting ice production to nightime off-peak hours.
  • Bigger ice machines are typically more energy efficient than smaller models, yet the price difference is usually not very large. Choose wisely and you could get twice the capacity at half the energy cost per pound of ice.
  • Avoid water-cooled machines, because their high water usage makes them significantly more expensive.



Cooking Equipment

Convection Ovens

On average, ENERGY STAR® qualified ovens are 20% more energy efficient than standard models.


ENERGY STAR® fryers offer shorter cook times, faster temperature recovery and ultimately higher pound-per-hour production rates, through advanced burner and heat exchanger designs. Qualified models are up to 30% more energy efficient on standard sizes. This equates to savings of $100 on an electric fryer and $470 on a gas fryer. A large vat fryer qualifies when it is 35% more energy efficient than non-qualified items. This equates to savings of $170 on an electric fryer and $500 on a gas fryer annually.


ENERGY STAR® qualified steamers have a sealed cooking cavity that consumes a fraction of th energy and water required by traditional open systems. The average ENERGY STAR® commercial steamer is 60% more energy efficient than a standard model! This can save you $1000 for water and sewer costs annually, and $1100 to $1200 in gas or electricity annually.

Holdind and Transport Cabinets

ENERGY STAR® warming and holding equipment features improved insulation, so heat stays in the cabinet and out of the kitchen. An insulated ENERGY STAR® holding cabinet uses about half the energy consumed by an uninsulated cabinet. Overall, qualified units boast approximately 70% better energy efficiency. On average, certified modesl can save $300 per year for electricity, or over $2800 over the product lifetime.


Commercial griddles with the ENERGY STAR® label are 10% more energy efficient than standard models. This equates to $120 a year or $1100 for the lifetime of the griddle on gas models and $100 per year or $1200 for the life of the griddle on electric models.


Dishwashing & Sanitation

Commercial dishwashers can be one of the most expensive units in your kitchen, because they utilize a lot of energy in a small amount of time. Dishwashers that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label are on average 40% more energy efficient and 40% more water efficient than standard models. Qualified models must meet maximum water consumption requirements during the final rinse, and use less energy while idling between wash cycles. Using an ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwasher can save you $720 annually on electricity, and $300 annually on water!

Tips to Save Even More on Dishwashers


  • Run fully loaded dish racks whenever you can. Cutting the number of wash cycles you run could save you hundreds of dollars annually.
  • Check your dishwasher's pressure gauge—if it's above 25 psi you are probably using more water than you need. Most dishwashers only require around 20 psi.
  • If you are using a conveyor dishwasher, make sure to run it in Auto mode, which saves electricity by running the motor only when needed.

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