Thank you for purchasing from Central Restaurant Products.

While we make every effort to ensure that each shipment is packed and secured to prevent damage, it does happen. To protect you from liability due to damage in transit, please follow these simple steps:

When your order arrives at your property…

  1. Make sure it arrives on a pallet. 
  2. Before you sign the delivery receipt, inspect the shipment for signs of damage such as;
    1. Rips in the packaging
    2. Dents in boxes or box corners
    3. Water marks or stains
    4. Mildew damage
    5. Punctures in containers
    6. Moisture or signs of leaking
    7. Rattling in boxes
    8. Unauthorized double stacking
    9. Evidence that packages have shifted on the pallet
    10. Evidence of opened packages or broken tape seals
    11. Re-taped boxes
    12. Torn shrink wrap
    13. Any other suspicious markings on packages


  1. Remember, the delivery receipt is legal documentation as to the condition of the freight at time of delivery. Note, or have the driver note, all damages on the delivery receipt before
  2. If a driver refuses to make, or allow you to make, a notation that the freight was damaged REFUSE delivery.
  3. If you do refuse delivery, please contact us so we can ensure that a replacement shipment is scheduled.

If you signed for the shipment free and clear, and later discover the something is damaged, it is out of our hands.  Unless it is documented with the freight carrier, there is nothing we can do.

It is very important you inspect the order before signing for it.   If you personally will not be there to receive the refrigerator, let your staff know to do a thorough inspection.

Please respond to this e-mail stating that you have read and understand our policy.

Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                     

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