Corporate Responsibility

Thinking about tomorrow today.

Central is a proud member of the TAKKT family.

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For the first time, TAKKT is integrating the Sustainable Development Goals as guidelines for our sustainability efforts. The SDGs will guide TAKKT for several years, as we believe our sustainable practices will pay off over the long term.

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Responsible Consumption

Advancing sustainability in the places where a company primarily operates sounds logical. Supplier management is one of the most important resources in the Kaiser+Kraft Group.

Climate Action

Since January 2020, TAKKT has supported the Development and Climate Alliance, an extensive social coalition dedicated to implementing the 2030 Agenda of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Partnerships For The Goals

A volunteer day is a good team-building event. Kerrie Lafky, Director of Employee Experience at Central, talks about her recent experience volunteering at an Indianapolis women’s shelter. “Sales, marketing and warehouse employees all came to help serve lunch. We shared a valuable experience with people we would otherwise never spend time with.” When asked what she likes most about the volunteer day at Central, she says, “It encourages employees to take time for these things. Otherwise it might be something you have always wanted to do but could never find the time. Volunteering simply feels good, and it takes more of a priority when you are given the time to do it."