Central’s contract and design services puts to use decades of industry experience to assist foodservice operations from start to finish. A one-stop solution for easy communication and a less stressful startup.  

Why Use a Contract and Design Consultant? 

Our contract and design work a full-service approach that’s achieved by several years of experience sourcing the best solutions, relying on established connections with manufacturers to negotiate the best pricing, and ensuring your vision comes to fruition. This greatly relieves much of the stress of starting a new business, or commercial kitchen projects.

Full Service

Our contract and design work features a full-service approach that’s achieved by several years of experience sourcing the best solutions, relying on established connections with manufacturers to negotiate the best pricing, and ensuring your vision comes to fruition. This greatly relieves much of the stress of starting a new business, or commercial kitchen projects. 

A Flexible Solution Tailored to You

Our contract consultants begin by meeting with operators one on one to learn about specific needs and assess solutions, drafting a detailed, uniquely tailored plan to rise to the challenge. Whether it’s a brand-new restaurant or an established commercial kitchen looking to upgrade, they’re a one-point contact source that can facilitate all areas of the project. 

Consistent & Reliable 

A full-service project, including design work, starts with a consultative meeting to understand specific needs, determining a realistic budget and a timeline for completion. From there, the team gets to work, using industry connections to negotiate the best price points on premier equipment, overseeing job site progress, working with contractors, installers, health inspectors, electricians, and more to ensure your vision becomes reality.


Are Contract & Design Services Right for Your Foodservice?

Our team has experience with a vast mixture of customer segments, from dealing with new concepts to established mom and pop restaurants. From institutions like K-12 schools and universities to correctional facilities, hospitals, assisted living, and more. 

Just some of the segments they’ve helped to enhance business operations include: 

 Retirement villages  

 Assisted living communities  

 Resorts and Hotels  

 Colleges and K-12 schools  


 Federal prisons; county and state jails  

 Military dining facilities  

 Corporate dining facilities  

 Chain restaurants  

 Organic growth restaurants and new concepts  

Our Consultants

Our team of contract and design consultants is based in part out of Central’s North Carolina office, as well as our Indianapolis headquarters. They travel wherever there are foodservice opportunities, specializing in business development using established relationships with contractors and premiere manufacturers.   


With combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry, the team is led by Senior National Contract Manager Scott Bullock. Bullock has worn many hats throughout his tenure in the industry, which first began in 1988. He started as a draftsman at a small family-owned equipment company, and progressed onto an estimator, director of operations, general manager, and contract manager. Most of his experience has revolved around designing and building new commercial foodservice construction.  


As always, Central’s Indianapolis headquarters, with more than fifty product consultants onsite, helps support the North Carolina team and all our customers.  


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