Commercial Dishwashers

Choosing the right commercial dishwasher is not a feat to take lightly. Especially considering all the available options. Each one is designed to offer a different solution, depending on the needs of your specific operation. 

Central Restaurant Products offers a vast assortment of commercial dishwashing machines in varying types, styles, sizes, and special features.

Not sure which one is right for you? Our Commercial Dishwashing Buying Guide outlines the differences between dishwasher type, the benefits of opting for a high or low-temperature unit, tips on booster heaters and maintenance, and more. As always, our trained product consultants are standing by to offer expert advice to help you make the right decision. 

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commercial dishwashers

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Undercounter Dishwashers

Compact, perfect for bars and other areas where space is a limiting factor, fitting nicely underneath and enhancing convenience to keep momentum going strong. 

Door Type Dishwashers

Taller than under-counter units, but more compact than conveyors. Fill the dish rack, pop it inside, and shut the door to quickly run a cycle.

Conveyor Dishwashers

Large and powerful, conveyor dishwashers can crank out hundreds of racks per hour, varying based on size. Ideal for universities or large institutions, hospitals, banquet halls, or anywhere with a large, steady volume. 


The cousin of undercounter dish machines, commercial glasswashers are designed specifically to quickly clean glassware to get them back into service without missing a beat. 

Energy Star® Dishwashers

Savings on energy and water utility costs add up! It's not only better for the environment, but depending on the area you operate out of, you could be eligible for additional Energy Star rebates

Commercial Undercounter Dishwashers

Low-Temp Undercounters

Low-temperature units, sometimes referred to as chemical sanitizing dishwashers, use chemicals to sanitize and ensure all harmful pathogens are killed before their next round of service. 

High-Temp Undercounters

High-temperature dishwashers are designed to reach 180°F on the final rinse to ensure proper, food-safe sanitation. A booster heater is required. Some units come with them built-in, some are sold separately. 

Commercial Door Type Dishwashers

Standard High-Temp
Door Type

Standard dishwashers require the use of a ventilation system to capture excess steam.

Ventless High-Temp
Door Type

Ventless dishwashers typically feature a cold-water coil to convert hot steam back into water to send it down the drain, thus eliminating the need for ventilation. This enables more flexibility because you won't have to worry about installing a hood, or outfitting your area to make room. 

Commercial Conveyor Dishwashers

Commercial Flight Type Dishwashers

Flight Type Dishwashers

Flight type machines are hybrids of conveyor dishwashers, designed for exceptionally high output. Flight type dishwashers are made to order. Call 800.215.9293 to speak with a product expert to learn more.

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