3 Easy Steps to Opening A Central Account


Explanation of Central Account:

Your order will be invoiced at the time of shipment or shortly thereafter. Central offers hassle free net terms due after delivery of product. Receive your invoice via mail, email or fax—your choice! Set the requirements on your own account; name of authorized buyers, whether a PO is required, etc! Central is happy to align our account requirements to meet your needs. Standard terms are net 15 days from invoice date, which is located in the top right hand corner of the invoice. If our standard terms don't meet your needs, call Central's Customer Finance department to review available terms.

Benefits of a Central Account:

We offer terms based on your business credit only. Our response time on average is under 1 business day; and is typically fastest for businesses in existence for 2 or more years. No need to mail a check, send a wire transfer or pull out your credit card. Place your order, Central ships your order and then invoices. Payment not due until after receipt of product. We have a professional and experienced finance group available to handle your finance needs.