Commercial Heat Lamps

Discover a vast selection of high-quality commercial heat lamps to keep meals hot and ready to serve in commercial kitchens and buffets. From renowned brands like Hatco and Kratos, these heat lamps offer long-lasting performance, energy efficiency, and adjustable heat settings for precise control over food temperature.

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  1. Hanson Brass 400C Heat Lamp, ChromeHanson Brass 400C Heat Lamp, Chrome
    Hanson Brass 400C Heat Lamp, Chrome
    $429.00 /Each
    SKU: 369-110-CH
    VPN: 400C-CH
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  2. Cut End Adapter Kit for Hatco Warmer Lamps, WhiteCut End Adapter Kit for Hatco Warmer Lamps, White
    Cut End Adapter Kit for Hatco Warmer Lamps, White
    $66.55 /Each
    SKU: 315-261-WHT
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Showing 1-24 Items of 252 items

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Experience the Power and Efficiency of Commercial Heat Lamps

Commercial heat lamps are an integral part of restaurants, catering businesses, and various other foodservice establishments. These heating solutions are specifically designed to keep dishes warm and ready for service. Not just any heat lamp will do; commercial heat lamps offer superior durability and reliability, ensuring your operation runs smoothly even during the busiest service times.

Commercial heat lamps offer several key advantages. Firstly, they provide consistent, evenly distributed heat that helps keep food at the optimal serving temperature, preventing spoilage and ensuring the highest quality for your customers. Thanks to their robust construction, these lamps can withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen environment. To cater to various needs, our collection includes models like the Hatco DL-775-RT-ABRONZE Warmer Lamp, the Hatco AH60120TCCS Overhead Food Warmer, and the Kratos 31M-005 Commercial Freestanding Heat Lamp with adjustable height and three heat lamp bulbs.

Whether used in commercial kitchens or buffets, commercial heat lamps are essential for maintaining food safety and quality. The right heat lamps for restaurants can transform your foodservice operation, improving efficiency, and contributing to an overall better dining experience for your customers. Explore our extensive range of warming and holding equipment to find the ideal commercial heat lamps for your establishment.

How do I to install a commercial heat lamp?

Installing a commercial heat lamp begins with finding the right spot. This should be above the area you want to keep warm, typically a serving station or kitchen counter. Most commercial heat lamps come with instructions for assembly, which usually involves securing the lamp to your ceiling or a stable overhead structure, ensuring it's plugged into a suitable power source, and inserting the heat lamp bulb.

How do I wire a commercial heat lamp?

Wiring a commercial heat lamp requires some technical know-how. It involves connecting the lamp to a power source via cabling, usually concealed within the structure of the lamp. For safety reasons, it's recommended to hire a professional electrician to handle the wiring process, especially if it involves hard wiring into your building's electricity supply.

What are heat lamps used for in restaurants?

In the foodservice industry, commercial heat lamps are critical for maintaining prepared food at an optimal temperature until it is served. They are commonly used at buffet lines, foodservice counters, and kitchen pass-through areas to keep dishes warm for diners.

How hot is a heat lamp for a restaurant?

Restaurant heat lamps typically generate temperatures between 130 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the wattage of the heat lamp bulbs. The goal is to keep food adequately warm without overcooking or drying it out.

Are heat lamps safe for food?

Yes, heat lamps for restaurants are designed to be safe for food. They help maintain food at a safe temperature, reducing the risk of bacterial growth. It's important, however, to choose heat lamp bulbs that are shatter-proof and food-safe to prevent potential contamination.

How long can food sit under a heat lamp?

While heat lamps can keep food warm, they are not meant for long-term food storage. Generally, prepared food shouldn't sit under a heat lamp for more than two hours. After this point, food quality can decrease, and there's an increased risk of bacterial growth.