Walk-In Cooler Shelves & Racks

Maximize storage space in your commercial walk-in cooler with our high-quality shelves from trusted brands like Winholt. Our shelving solutions are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of busy kitchens while providing efficient organization for your ingredients and supplies.

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  1. Winholt ALSCS-72-324-CM Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSCS-72-324-CM Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSCS-72-324-CM Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $601.00 /Each
    SKU: 942-180
    VPN: ALSCS-72-324-CM
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  2. Winholt ALSTB-48-324 Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSTB-48-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSTB-48-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $705.55 /Each
    SKU: 942-208
    VPN: ALSTB-48-324
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  3. Winholt ALSCS-72-424-CM Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSCS-72-424-CM Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSCS-72-424-CM Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $813.70 /Each
    SKU: 942-182
    VPN: ALSCS-72-424-CM
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  4. Winholt ALMCS-48-320 Mobile Cooler ShelvingWinholt ALMCS-48-320 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    Winholt ALMCS-48-320 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    $640.66 /Each
    SKU: 942-112
    VPN: ALMCS-48-320
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  5. Winholt ALMCS-60-324 Mobile Cooler ShelvingWinholt ALMCS-60-324 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    Winholt ALMCS-60-324 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    $867.26 /Each
    SKU: 942-115
    VPN: ALMCS-60-324
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  6. Winholt ALMCS-60-320 Mobile Cooler ShelvingWinholt ALMCS-60-320 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    Winholt ALMCS-60-320 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    $903.00 /Each
    SKU: 942-114
    VPN: ALMCS-60-320
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  7. Winholt ALMCS-48-324 Mobile Cooler ShelvingWinholt ALMCS-48-324 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    Winholt ALMCS-48-324 Mobile Cooler Shelving
    $764.26 /Each
    SKU: 942-113
    VPN: ALMCS-48-324
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  8. Winholt ALSCS-36-324 Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSCS-36-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSCS-36-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $538.69 /Each
    SKU: 942-151
    VPN: ALSCS-36-324
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  9. Winholt ALSCS-60-424-CM Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSCS-60-424-CM Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSCS-60-424-CM Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $726.15 /Each
    SKU: 942-178
    VPN: ALSCS-60-424-CM
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  10. Winholt ALSCS-48-324 Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSCS-48-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSCS-48-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $508.82 /Each
    SKU: 942-163
    VPN: ALSCS-48-324
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  11. Winholt ALSTB-60-324 Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSTB-60-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSTB-60-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $776.00 /Each
    SKU: 942-218
    VPN: ALSTB-60-324
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  12. Winholt ALSCS-48-320 Cooler & Backroom ShelvingWinholt ALSCS-48-320 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    Winholt ALSCS-48-320 Cooler & Backroom Shelving
    $460.41 /Each
    SKU: 942-161
    VPN: ALSCS-48-320
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12 Items

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Optimize Your Walk-In Cooler Storage with Our Durable Shelving Solutions

Our extensive collection of walk-in cooler shelves includes a variety of sizes, configurations, and materials to fit your unique storage requirements. These shelves are designed to withstand the cold temperatures and humidity in walk-in coolers, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

The benefits of using our walk-in cooler shelves include:

  • Maximized storage space
  • Improved organization and accessibility
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use

One of our best-selling products is the Winholt ALSTB-60-324 Cooler & Backroom Shelving, which features an all-welded aluminum construction, offering strength and corrosion resistance. For a more compact option, consider the Winholt ALSCS-48-320 Cooler & Backroom Shelving, which provides three shelves and a tubular design for easy cleaning. Both options are NSF-certified, ensuring they meet strict food safety standards.

In addition to walk-in cooler shelves, we offer a range of accessories to help you create a complete storage solution for your commercial kitchen. Our walk-in curtains and doors can help maintain consistent temperatures and reduce energy costs, while our selection of walk-in accessories includes everything from thermometers to lighting fixtures. Explore our complete walk-in cooler shelves and accessories collection to find the perfect storage solutions for your commercial kitchen.

What type of shelving should be used in a walk-in cooler?

Walk-in cooler shelves should be made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or epoxy-coated wire. These materials can withstand the cold temperatures and humidity levels in walk-in coolers without rusting or deteriorating.

How can the back of the shelves be extended in a walk-in cooler?

To extend the back of shelves in a walk-in cooler, you can use shelf extenders or brackets attached to the existing shelving units. These extenders allow you to increase the depth of your shelves, providing more storage space for larger items or bulk ingredients.

How do you hang walk-in cooler shelves?

Use wall-mounted brackets or rails compatible with your shelving system to hang a shelf in a walk-in cooler. These brackets should be securely fastened to the cooler walls using appropriate hardware, such as stainless steel bolts or anchors. Once the brackets are in place, you can easily attach your shelves and adjust their height.

How high off the floor must shelving in walk-in coolers be?

According to NSF International standards, the lowest shelf in a walk-in cooler must be at least 6 inches off the floor. This allows for proper air circulation and makes cleaning the floor beneath the shelves easier.