Salad & Sandwich Prep Tables

Discover a world of efficiency with our commercial sandwich prep tables, designed to streamline operations and enhance profitability in your commercial kitchen. With brands like Kratos, True, Traulsen, and Beverage-Air, our selection provides features like temperature control and hygienic design for optimal foodservice.

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  1. Kratos 69K-807 Commercial Mega-Top Sandwich/Salad Prep Table, One Door, 29"W, 12 Pan Capacity, Stainless SteelKratos 69K-807 Commercial Mega-Top Sandwich/Salad Prep Table, One Door, 29"W, 12 Pan Capacity, Stainless Steel
    Kratos 69K-807 Commercial Mega-Top Sandwich/Salad Prep Table, One Door, 29"W, 12 Pan Capacity, Stainless Steel
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Discover the Efficiency of Commercial Sandwich Prep Tables

Efficiency and precision are key to any successful foodservice business. That's where commercial sandwich prep tables come into play. These tables, also known as countertop sandwich prep tables or sandwich/salad prep tables, offer an organized, dedicated space for sandwich and salad preparation. They are designed to keep your ingredients fresh, accessible, and primed for quick, tasty creations.

Commercial sandwich prep tables are characterized by their spacious worktable surface and multiple ingredient pans. With these features, they facilitate simultaneous preparation of various sandwich types using different ingredients. Notably, these tables come in several sizes and designs to suit the needs of restaurants of all scales. They range from compact and mobile sandwich prep tables ideal for smaller establishments to larger, commercial refrigerated prep tables designed for high-volume operations. These tables maintain optimal temperatures to ensure food safety and freshness, effectively marrying functionality with food quality control.

By incorporating restaurant prep tables like the Kratos 69K-770 Commercial Sandwich Prep Table, True TSSU-60-16-HC Salad Prep Table, or Beverage-Air SPED72HC-18C-6 Refrigerated Prep Table into your kitchen, you can optimize workflow, reduce preparation time, and maximize productivity. Explore our variety of commercial prep tables to find the perfect fit for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Sandwich Prep Tables

We understand you may have questions about how to select the right equipment for your commercial kitchen. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about commercial sandwich prep tables.

What is a prep table in a restaurant?

A prep table in a restaurant, often referred to as a restaurant prep table, is a vital piece of equipment that offers a dedicated space for preparing food. Particularly, a commercial sandwich prep table is designed to streamline the sandwich- or salad-making process by providing a cool storage space for ingredients and a spacious work surface.

What is the average height of a prep table?

The average height of a prep table is generally about 36 inches. This is usually the most comfortable height for staff to work at, but it can vary slightly depending on specific models and designs.

What is a stainless steel prep table used for?

A stainless steel prep table is used for a variety of kitchen tasks. Its primary function is to provide a durable, easy-to-clean surface for food preparation. It's particularly beneficial in commercial kitchens owing to its strength, hygiene standards, and resistance to corrosion.

What is the difference between a sandwich prep table and a pizza prep table?

While both sandwich prep tables and pizza prep tables are types of commercial refrigerated prep tables, they differ mainly in configuration. A sandwich/salad prep table typically features ingredient pans embedded in the top for easy access, while a pizza prep table has a raised rail to hold ingredient pans and a larger cutting board for pizza preparation.

What are refrigerated prep tables?

Refrigerated prep tables are designed to keep ingredients at safe, cold temperatures while providing a workspace on top. These units, including countertop sandwich prep tables, are essential for establishments that want to ensure food safety and efficiency in their food preparation process.

What are the warranty options for commercial sandwich prep tables?

Warranty options for sandwich prep tables vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Generally, you can expect a one to three year warranty covering parts and labor. For specific warranty information, it's best to refer to the product details or contact our customer service.

What are the energy efficiency ratings for commercial sandwich prep tables?

Energy efficiency ratings for commercial sandwich prep tables are usually provided by the manufacturer and can vary based on the model. Some units are ENERGY STAR certified, indicating they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Can commercial sandwich prep tables be customized?

Yes, customization options are often available for commercial sandwich prep tables. Features like additional shelves, casters for mobility, and varying sizes of ingredient pan configurations can often be tailored to meet specific business needs.

What are the delivery options for commercial sandwich prep tables?

Delivery options for commercial sandwich prep tables typically include standard delivery to your curb or more comprehensive options that include delivery into your building, uncrating, and even assembly. Specific delivery options should be discussed at the time of purchase.