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The right commercial kitchen refrigeration is essential to the success and operation of your business. Our collection of commercial restaurant refrigerators includes reach-ins, coolers, glass door merchandisers, and prep tables made by top-selling brands such as Kratos, True, and Beverage Air–all available here at Central Restaurant Products.


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Choosing the right commercial refrigeration equipment is a decision that directly impacts a business's efficiency and overall product quality. With numerous unique features and functions that each refrigeration unit offers, the best place to start is by deciding what kind of restaurant refrigerator your kitchen needs. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are ideal for easy access to frequently used items, while merchandising refrigeration is perfect for showcasing products to customers (and may not be as efficient for use in a kitchen).

Walk-in coolers and freezers provide more storage space for larger quantities, and prep tables with refrigeration are excellent for food preparation and streamlining those processes. In some cases, more than one type of commercial refrigeration is needed–for example, a reach-in refrigeration unit along with a refrigerated food prep table may be necessary in some kitchens. Explore different types, brands, models, and features in our collection of top-selling commercial kitchen refrigeration to find the right fit for your kitchen.

How do I choose the right commercial refrigeration system for my business?

When selecting your next commercial refrigeration system, you’ll want to:

  • Access your storage needs
  • Consider your energy efficiency requirements
  • Seek expert advice

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What is the difference between a regular refrigerator and a commercial refrigerator?

In comparison to regular refrigerators, commercial refrigerators are designed to handle the high demands of commercial kitchens and businesses. Commercial refrigerators often offer a larger amount of storage space, better temperature control (even with doors opening and closing frequently), and are extra durable to withstand frequent use.

What makes a refrigerator commercial-grade?

A commercial-grade refrigerator has a large storage capacity, durable stainless-steel construction, and the ability to withstand the high demands of a commercial setting.

What is the best commercial refrigerator?

The best commercial refrigerator is determined by your unique needs, and most importantly–what kind of refrigerator you’re looking for. Check out our buying guides to find the right refrigerator for your specific needs:

How long does commercial refrigeration last?

With proper care and maintenance such as regular cleaning and repair or replacement of faulty parts , you can expect your commercial refrigerator and/or freezer to last between 10-15 years.

You can find a guide to proper care for your commercial refrigeration on our resource center. Access the Guide

What are the main differences between reach-in and walk-in commercial refrigeration units?

The main differences between reach-in and walk-in commercial refrigeration units:

  • A reach-in unit is more suitable for a smaller space and offers a reach-in-only design, can range from as low as 20 cu. Ft. to as high as 69 cu. Ft.
  • A walk-in unit is much larger and better for high-capacity kitchens and offers a design where you can walk into the unit to grab the items you need–having an average size of 8 ft. x 8 ft.
What is the average cost of a commercial refrigerator?

The cost of a commercial refrigerator can span anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. The average cost of a commercial refrigerator varies widely, depending on the brand and functions of the refrigerator you’re looking for.

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