Professional Kitchen Knives & Cutlery

Equip your staff with professional cutlery designed for precision, durability, and exceptional performance. Our selection features top brands such as Dexter Russell and Carlisle, known for their craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a busy restaurateur, our professional cutlery will help you easily tackle any culinary task.

Kitchen Cutlery

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  1. Mundial W5601-3-1/4S Paring Knife, 3-1/4"Mundial W5601-3-1/4S Paring Knife, 3-1/4"
    Mundial W5601-3-1/4S Paring Knife, 3-1/4"
    $4.14 /Each
    SKU: 130-571
    VPN: W5601-3-1/4S
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  2. Mundial SCW0547-4 Paring Knife, 4"Mundial SCW0547-4 Paring Knife, 4"
    Mundial SCW0547-4 Paring Knife, 4"
    $11.29 /Pack
    SKU: 130-476
    VPN: SCW0547-4
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  3. Mundial 5610-12 Cook's Knife, 12"Mundial 5610-12 Cook's Knife, 12"
    Mundial 5610-12 Cook's Knife, 12"
    $23.75 /Each
    SKU: 130-225
    VPN: 5610-12
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  4. Mundial W5622-8E Utility Slicing Knife, 8"Mundial W5622-8E Utility Slicing Knife, 8"
    Mundial W5622-8E Utility Slicing Knife, 8"
    $10.82 /Each
    SKU: 130-300
    VPN: W5622-8E
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  5. Mundial SC0547-4 Paring Knife, 4"Mundial SC0547-4 Paring Knife, 4"
    Mundial SC0547-4 Paring Knife, 4"
    $11.29 /Pack
    SKU: 130-474
    VPN: SC0547-4
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  6. Mundial 5617-10 Cimeter Knife, 10"Mundial 5617-10 Cimeter Knife, 10"
    Mundial 5617-10 Cimeter Knife, 10"
    $18.34 /Each
    SKU: 130-233
    VPN: 5617-10
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  7. Mundial W5610-10E Sandwich Knife, 10"Mundial W5610-10E Sandwich Knife, 10"
    Mundial W5610-10E Sandwich Knife, 10"
    $20.93 /Each
    SKU: 130-289
    VPN: W5610-10E
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  8. Mundial 5550-6 Cleaver, 6" X 3"Mundial 5550-6 Cleaver, 6" X 3"
    Mundial 5550-6 Cleaver, 6" X 3"
    $19.05 /Each
    SKU: 130-449
    VPN: 5550-6
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  9. Mundial W5617-10 Cimeter Knife, 10"Mundial W5617-10 Cimeter Knife, 10"
    Mundial W5617-10 Cimeter Knife, 10"
    $29.65 /Each
    SKU: 130-296
    VPN: W5617-10
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Showing 1-24 Items of 799 items

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Upgrade Your Kitchen With Our Professional Cutlery

Professional cutlery is essential for any commercial kitchen, allowing chefs and cooks to prepare ingredients with precision and efficiency. Our collection of commercial kitchen knives includes a wide range of styles and sizes, from versatile chef knives to specialized boning and fillet knives. Crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and high-carbon steel, these knives are built to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen environment while delivering exceptional performance.

The benefits of using professional cutlery in your commercial kitchen include:

  • Improved cutting precision and accuracy
  • Enhanced safety for kitchen staff
  • Increased durability and longevity of knives

Our extensive collection of professional cutlery includes top-performing products like the Dexter Russell 19713 Hamburger Turner-Sani-Safe, featuring a beveled blade that enables easy turning, scraping, and spreading. For butchers and meat specialists, the Dexter Russell S1128PCP Sani-Safe 8" Butchers Knife is a must-have, with its sharp, hand-ground, and honed edges that effortlessly cut through tough meats.

Explore our selection of knife sharpeners, knife racks, and cut-resistant gloves to ensure your kitchen staff can work safely and efficiently. Don't forget to browse our chef knives and utility knives for more specialized cutting tasks. With the right professional cutlery and accessories, you'll be well-equipped to create culinary masterpieces that delight your customers.

What is the difference between professional cutlery and regular cutlery?

Professional cutlery is designed for heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens, featuring higher-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and ergonomic designs. Regular cutlery is typically intended for home use and may not withstand the rigors of a professional kitchen environment.

What are the different types of professional cutlery?

Professional cutlery encompasses a wide range of knives, including chef knives, paring knives, utility knives, bread knives, boning and fillet knives, and specialty knives for specific tasks. Each type of knife is designed for a particular purpose, ensuring optimal performance in the kitchen.

How can I tell if my professional cutlery is still sharp?

To test the sharpness of your professional cutlery, try slicing through a sheet of paper or a tomato. A sharp knife should easily cut through these items without tearing or crushing them. If your knife struggles to make clean cuts, it may be time to sharpen or replace the blade.