Vegetable Choppers

Improve your food preparation process with our selection of vegetable choppers. We offer top brands like Nemco and Vollrath, known for their durability and precision cutting capabilities. Whether dicing onions, slicing tomatoes, or shredding cabbage, these vegetable choppers will help you achieve consistent results while saving time.

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  1. Nemco 55775-1 Pineapple Corer/Peeler, 4"Nemco 55775-1 Pineapple Corer/Peeler, 4"
    Nemco 55775-1 Pineapple Corer/Peeler, 4"
    $919.60 /Each
    SKU: 400-379
    VPN: 55775-1
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  2. Nemco 55650 Series - Easy LettuceKutter™Nemco 55650 Series - Easy LettuceKutter™
    Nemco 55650 Series - Easy LettuceKutter™
    $718.30 /Each
    SKU: 400-210-3/4X3/4
    VPN: 55650-6
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  3. Chronos 3/8" Dicer w/ Extra 3/8" Blade and Push BlockChronos 3/8" Dicer w/ Extra 3/8" Blade and Push Block
    Chronos 3/8" Dicer w/ Extra 3/8" Blade and Push Block
    $119.00 /Each
    SKU: 29A-120
    VPN: 29A-120
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Showing 1-24 Items of 266 items

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Make Quick Work of Your Food Prep with Commercial Vegetable Choppers

Commercial vegetable choppers offer precision cutting, dicing, and slicing capabilities, ensuring consistent results every time. With a range of models featuring varying capacities, blade sizes, and power options, you'll find the perfect vegetable chopper to suit your kitchen's unique needs. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual chopping and hello to efficient, uniform results with our selection of food choppers and dicers.

Investing in a commercial vegetable chopper offers numerous benefits for your restaurant kitchen:

  • Save time and labor costs by streamlining food preparation tasks
  • Ensure consistent cuts for visually appealing dishes and even cooking
  • Minimize waste by achieving precise portions and reducing over-cutting
  • Enhance safety by eliminating the need for manual knife work

The Nemco 56424-1 Easy Chopper II features a 1/4" blade set, perfect for chopping a variety of ingredients with ease. For those seeking a more versatile option, the Vollrath 15001 InstaCut 3.5 Complete Unit offers a 3/8" dicer, allowing you to process fruits and vegetables into uniform pieces quickly.

Explore our commercial french fry cutters for perfectly sized fries every time or our commercial hand slicers for precise slicing of meats, cheeses, and more. Don't forget to check out our fruit wedgers for effortless citrus prep. With the right cutting tools in your arsenal, you'll be well on your way to a more efficient and productive kitchen.

How do I choose a vegetable chopper?

When choosing a vegetable chopper, consider the capacity, blade options, and ease of use. Determine the volume of vegetables you typically need to process and select a chopper with an appropriate capacity. Look for models with interchangeable blade sizes to accommodate different cutting needs.

What are the different types of vegetable choppers?

Several types of vegetable choppers are available, including manual choppers, electric choppers, and commercial-grade models. Manual choppers are hand-operated and ideal for smaller quantities, while electric choppers offer more power and efficiency for larger volumes. Commercial-grade choppers are designed for heavy-duty use in professional kitchens, featuring robust construction and advanced features for optimal performance.

How do you clean and maintain vegetable choppers?

Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to clean and maintain your vegetable chopper. Most choppers have removable parts that can be disassembled for thorough cleaning. Wash the components in warm, soapy water, and rinse well. Dry the parts completely before reassembling the chopper. Regularly inspect the blades for signs of wear or damage, and sharpen or replace them as needed to ensure optimal performance.