Napkin Dispensers

Guarantee your restaurant tables remain tidy and organized with our selection of restaurant napkin dispensers from top brands like San Jamar and Value Series. These durable and stylish dispensers make it easy for guests to access napkins while maintaining a clean and inviting dining area.

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  1. Cal-Mil 3309-60 Bamboo Napkin HolderCal-Mil 3309-60 Bamboo Napkin Holder
    Cal-Mil 3309-60 Bamboo Napkin Holder
    $36.50 /Each
    SKU: 273-E45
    VPN: 3309-60
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  2. Cal-Mil 3309-83 Ashwood Napkin HolderCal-Mil 3309-83 Ashwood Napkin Holder
    Cal-Mil 3309-83 Ashwood Napkin Holder
    $59.67 /Each
    SKU: 273-U46
    VPN: 3309-83
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  3. Cal-Mil 22068-83 Ashwood Plate/Napkin HolderCal-Mil 22068-83 Ashwood Plate/Napkin Holder
    Cal-Mil 22068-83 Ashwood Plate/Napkin Holder
    $178.85 /Each
    SKU: 273-U30
    VPN: 22068-83
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  4. Cal-Mil 1588-33 Soho 4X8 Napkin Blk/FrstCal-Mil 1588-33 Soho 4X8 Napkin Blk/Frst
    Cal-Mil 1588-33 Soho 4X8 Napkin Blk/Frst
    $66.10 /Each
    SKU: 273-A38
    VPN: 1588-33
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  5. Cal-Mil 635-13 Napkin Holder - BlackCal-Mil 635-13 Napkin Holder - Black
    Cal-Mil 635-13 Napkin Holder - Black
    $39.04 /Each
    SKU: 273-H68
    VPN: 635-13
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  6. Cal-Mil 3810-83 Ashwood Napkin HolderCal-Mil 3810-83 Ashwood Napkin Holder
    Cal-Mil 3810-83 Ashwood Napkin Holder
    $85.81 /Each
    SKU: 273-U66
    VPN: 3810-83
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  7. Cal-Mil 1243 Wire Bar Napkin HolderCal-Mil 1243 Wire Bar Napkin Holder
    Cal-Mil 1243 Wire Bar Napkin Holder
    $45.09 /Each
    SKU: 273-594
    VPN: 1243
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Showing 1-24 Items of 63 items

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Ensure Happy Customers and Cleaner Tables With Our Restaurant Napkin Dispensers

Restaurant napkin dispensers come in a variety of styles, from sleek and modern to classic and traditional, allowing you to choose the perfect design to match your restaurant's aesthetic. These dispensers keep guests stocked with napkins, resulting in a more pleasant dining experience.

The benefits of using restaurant napkin dispensers include:

  • Improved organization and cleanliness of dining tables
  • Easy access to napkins for guests
  • Reduced waste and mess from loose napkins
  • Enhanced overall dining experience for customers

For a versatile and space-saving solution, consider the Central Exclusive 087-B05 Basic Collection Wire Plate/Bowl, Napkin Holder With Detachable Cylinder Holder, which boasts a detachable cylinder holder for added flexibility. If you prefer a sleek and modern look, the Value Series 2212 BLACK Napkin Dispenser offers a stylish black finish and a double-sided design that holds up to 200 napkins.

Explore our selection of straw dispensers to provide easy access to straws for your guests, and check out our squeeze bottles for condiments and sauces. Our toothpick dispensers will allow you to offer your guests a convenient way to clean their teeth after their meal. With our wide range of restaurant napkin dispensers and other dining room supplies, you'll have everything you need to create an inviting and well-organized dining experience for your customers.

How do you fill restaurant napkin dispensers?

To fill a napkin dispenser, open the dispenser and remove any remaining napkins. Place a stack of neatly folded napkins inside the dispenser, ensuring they are aligned properly. Close the dispenser, and the napkins will be ready for use.

How do you clean and maintain restaurant napkin dispensers?

Regularly wiping down the exterior with a damp cloth and mild cleaning solution to clean and maintain a restaurant napkin dispenser. Periodically empty the dispenser and clean the interior with a soft brush or cloth to remove dust or debris. Ensure that the dispenser is completely dry before refilling it with napkins.

How many napkins can restaurant napkin dispensers hold?

The capacity of restaurant napkin dispensers varies based on their design and size. Generally, they can hold anywhere from 100 to 500 napkins. Check the product specifications of your particular dispenser for exact details.

Are there options for restaurant napkin holders that hold other condiments?

Yes, combination napkin holders are available that can also hold condiments such as salt, pepper, and other small items. These multifunctional holders can help save space and keep your restaurant tables organized.