Dry Food Dispensers

Upgrade your storage options with our selection of dry food dispensers. Our collection features top brands like Cal-Mil and Rosseto, which are known for their durable construction and user-friendly designs. Whether you want to dispense cereal, snacks, or other dry ingredients, these dispensers provide a convenient solution.

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  1. Rosseto EZC009 - Container PRO HRosseto EZC009 - Container PRO H
    Rosseto EZC009 - Container PRO H
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Keep Your Dry Goods Fresh and Organized With Our Commercial Dry Food Dispensers

Commercial dry food dispensers help maintain a tidy, organized dining area. With features like adjustable portion control and easy-to-clean designs, our dry food dispensers make it simple to serve customers while minimizing waste and maintaining proper hygiene.

Dry food dispensers offer several benefits for your food service operation, including:

  • Improved organization and storage of dry goods
  • Precise portion control to minimize waste
  • Enhanced hygiene and food safety
  • Increased efficiency during busy service periods
  • Attractive presentation for self-serve areas

One of our best-selling products is the Rosseto EZ515 Standard Stainless Steel Dry Food Dispenser, featuring a 3-gallon capacity and a triple-tube design for dispensing multiple items. For a stylish countertop solution, consider the Cal-Mil 22046-13 Monterey Countertop Cereal Dispenser, which offers three 9.8-liter capacity bins in an attractive wood and metal frame.

In addition to our dry food dispensers, we offer a wide range of other equipment and supplies to help you create an efficient, well-organized food service operation. Explore our buffet equipment and supplies to find everything you need to set up an attractive, functional, self-serve area. Our high-quality dry food dispensers and other essential supplies enable you to provide exceptional customer service while streamlining your daily operations.

How does a dry food dispenser work?

A dry food dispenser typically features a hopper or container that holds the dry goods, a dispensing mechanism (such as a lever or knob), and a chute or opening where the dry goods are dispensed. When the lever or knob is turned or pushed, a predetermined amount of the contents are released from the hopper and falls through the chute, ready to be served.

Do cereal dispensers keep cereal fresh?

Yes, cereal dispensers are designed to keep cereal fresh by protecting it from exposure to air, moisture, and other contaminants. Most dispensers feature airtight containers or hoppers that help maintain the cereal's freshness and crunch for extended periods, ensuring a better dining experience for your customers.

How do you clean and maintain dry food dispensers?

To clean and maintain dry food dispensers, start by emptying any remaining contents and disassembling the dispenser according to the manufacturer's instructions. Wash all components thoroughly with warm, soapy water, and rinse well. Dry all parts completely before reassembling the dispenser. Regularly inspect the dispenser for any wear or damage and replace parts as needed to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.