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Central Restaurant Products is your ultimate destination for a wide range of concession equipment and supplies, including everything you need for your concession programs. Our extensive selection includes premium products from top commercial food service manufacturers like Vulcan, Blodgett, Waring, Middleby, and Marshall. Whether you're looking for concession equipment for sale, parts, or commercial concession equipment, we've got you covered. We aim to be your go-to source for all things related to concession equipment, including concession trailer equipment and concessions stand equipment, ensuring your success in this thriving industry.

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Central Restaurant Products offers a premier selection of concession equipment to meet your food service needs. Explore our top-selling products, includingconcessions stand equipment, cup and lid dispensers, and condiment serving.

Whether you operate a mobile concession stand or a traditional setup, our top sellers have you covered. Our commercial concession equipment ranges from popcorn machines to cotton candy makers, offering you a diverse choice of equipment to satisfy your business needs.

Explore our concession equipment parts and supplies and concession equipment for all the essential components to keep your concession stand running smoothly.

What is a commercial concession?

A commercial concession, in the context of the food service industry, pertains to a business venture that involves selling various food and beverage products or services at events, entertainment venues, or public gatherings. When browsing for commercial concession equipment, consider products like popcorn machines, hot dog rollers, cotton candy makers, and other specialized devices designed to provide the delicious treats that patrons crave. Explore our concession equipment sale section to find competitive deals and options for outfitting your concession stand.

Are you just getting started launching your concession stand? Check out ourtop 10 tips for a successful stand.

What is another name for a concession stand?

Another term used interchangeably with a concession stand is a food booth. These food service outlets are commonly found at events, stadiums, fairs, or amusement parks and offer a variety of snacks and beverages. Whether you refer to them as concession stands or food booths, they serve as convenient points of sale for a quick and delicious dining experience. To operate a successful concession stand (or food booth), you'll need the right concession equipment and supplies to provide customers with their favorite treats efficiently. Explore our range of concession equipment for sale to stock up on everything you need for your business.

What equipment is needed for a concession trailer?

To outfit a concession trailer properly, several key pieces of concession equipment are essential. We recommend starting with the basics: commercial popcorn machines, hot dog grillers, food warmers, cotton candy machines, and commercialrefrigeration units. Popcorn is always a fan favorite, so if you’re interested in serving this in your business, check out how to make the most of every kernel with your popcorn machine.Last, don't forget about important back-of-house concession items like serveware, mixing bowls, andmaintenance items. 

Whether you're just starting or looking to upgrade your existing setup, it's crucial to invest in the right concession equipment to ensure a successful and efficient operation.

How do you convert a concession into a commercial kitchen?

Converting a concession stand into a commercial kitchen involves several key steps. First, you'll need to determine the appropriate concession equipment and appliances, which (depending on your business model) might include commercial grills, fryers, ovens, refrigerators, and food warmers. Ensure your commercial kitchen setup adheres to local health and safety regulations and obtains the necessary permits and licenses. Next, you'll need to plan your kitchen layout and consider factors like workflow, ventilation, and hygiene. From there, you can nail down the necessary storage options for ingredients, utensils, and equipment. Last, consider essential concession equipment parts like hood filters and replacement burners. These pieces are often forgotten, yet essential to maintain your kitchen's functionality.

How big are concession stands?

Concession stands come in various sizes, ranging from small, mobile setups to larger, permanent structures. Concession trailer equipment and concession stand equipment are designed to be compact and space-efficient, allowing them to fit into tight spots at fairs, stadiums, amusement parks, and other venues. These smaller concession stands are often around 8 feet by 8 feet or even smaller.

On the other hand, larger venues might have more extensive and permanent concession stands, which can vary significantly in size. These larger setups may include multiple service counters, cooking stations, storage areas, and even seating for customers. In such cases, the size of the concession stand can range from a few hundred square feet to over 1,000 square feet.


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