AllPoints 133-1086 Fryer Filter Cones, 10"Diam.

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The AllPoints 133-1086 Fryer Filter Cones are an effective addition to the preparation of fried food. These are ideal for use in seasonal concession stands, sandwich shops, small delis, snack bars, and other eateries where fried foods are occasionally served. Made from high-flow, non-woven material, these filter papers effectively separate particles out of the fryer oil, so the user can serve only high-quality food each time. Their non-woven structure removes more particles than a china cap or a cheesecloth. In short, they make it possible to reuse the oil dispensed from the fryer without affecting the quality or purity of the food fried in the same oil. Designed for efficient filtering and handy use, these filters come cut into precise 10"diam. conical shapes. Each filter fits effortlessly into a similar-sized 10-inch conical filter paper holder. The effective separation of food particles from the oil helps in extending the life of oil, thus proving to be a cost-effective solution to your business. These filter papers have a use-and-throw away design. They save time and effort spent on cleaning sieves and cloth filters. In addition to being used as grease or oil filter, these papers can also be used for shortening.

Additional Features include:
  • The Continental 133-1086 Fryer Filter Cones are multi-use kitchen utilities that can be used for the purpose of fryer oil filtering as well as shortening
  • These filter papers are made from high-flow and non-woven material for effective separation of little bits of food particles from the fryer oil
  • The non-woven build proves to be more effective in filtering the oil as compared to metal sieves and cheesecloth
  • This filtration extends the life of oil, allows it to be reused, and reduces expenditure
  • Since these filter papers are use-and-throw utilities, they do not need cleaning
  • Each filter paper is 10"Diam. and fits a cone filter paper holder of the same size (10")
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TypeFilter Cone
Diameter10 Inches
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